Cacti Fertilizer


This Cacti Fertilizer (2-7-7) is specifically formulated to provide vigor to cacti, jade, aloe, and other succulents. Feeding your plants with this concentrate encourages them to grow strong and healthy. It can also encourage flowering plants to produce beautiful blooms in combination with consistent bright light. Use this fertilizer once in the spring and once in the summer to make your cacti and succulents flourish.


Easily feed your cacti, jade, aloe, and other succulents with this Cacti Fertilizer (2-7-7). With the perfect blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, this fertilizer was developed to help strengthen your plants and bring forth beautiful blooms for flowering varieties. For optimal results, simply mix the concentrate with water, following the dilution rate on the bottle, and water your plants as normal. Use this fertilizer once in the spring and once in the summer to make your plants flourish. Always follow the directions on the bottle.

For fertilizing instructions for specific plant varieties, please refer to our Plant Care Guides.

About Bonide

Bonide is a family business founded in 1926 by brothers George and James Wurz. It has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected industry leaders in the pest control and gardening realm. Their diverse portfolio of synthetic and organic gardening products are well-known and well-loved, and we at Bloomscape are proud to support Bonide and share their products with our customers.


  • Cactus Food concentrate – 8 oz


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