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Name a more iconic duo; we’ll wait! The popular Whalefin Sansevieria and jazzy Ponytail Palm are here to liven up any collection with minimal maintenance. These party animals are perfect for virtually any spot in your home or make a fun gift for any occasion. Between the two of them, these plants can handle a range of lighting conditions and need infrequent waterings so that they can be enjoyed with little fuss.

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What's Included
  • Two healthy plants pre-potted in Ecopots with matching saucers:
    • MD Whale Fin Sansevieria
    • MD Ponytail Palm
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care


The Decorator Duo is the perfect stylish, unique, and versatile pair that you need for your home or office. The much sought-after Sansevieria Masoniana gets its common name, “Whale Fin Sansevieria,” from its distinctive broad leaf. The Ponytail Palm has playful, curled leaves atop a sturdy trunk. Both these plants offer an exotic aesthetic with little in the way of care.

The Ponytail Palm is native to Mexico, and the Whalefin Sansevieria can be found in the African Congo. Both desert dwellers prefer to fully dry between waterings thanks to the Ponytail Palm’s trunk and the thickness of the Sansevieria’s leaves, which are excellent at storing water. The Ponytail Palm can live in indirect bright light to bright light, while the Sansevieria can be placed in low to bright light.

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