Soil Scoop


This stainless steel Soil Scoop is an essential tool for repotting and planting both indoor and outdoor plants. This tool allows you to move generous amounts of soil at once and is helpful for mixing in slow-release fertilizer as you repot. Add this useful tool to your collection and repot your plants with ease.


An essential tool for both indoor and outdoor gardeners, this Soil Scoop allows you to move generous amounts of soil at once for maximum efficiency when repotting your houseplants or planting seedlings. The high back and sides keep the soil in place as you remove it from the bag to your pot or garden bed.

This tool is beneficial for repotting your larger Bloomscape plants when they show signs that their pot is too small. Made with high-quality materials by Burgon & Ball, we highly recommend this versatile tool to any gardener.

About Burgon & Ball:

Established in 1730, Burgon & Ball is extremely proud of its long history of making steel tools. They began making only shears, but now almost 300 years later have developed a versatile product line that attracts anyone from the beginner gardener to the professional horticulturist. Their company focuses on developing well-crafted tools that are strong, durable, and made with care and we at Bloomscape are very excited and proud to offer some of their selection.


  • Dimensions: Width 8.5 cm x overall length 31 cm
  • Materials
    • Handle: 100% FSC certified hardwood
    • Head: stainless steel
    • Hanging cord: leather

Please note: This product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.

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