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If your space is needing a burst of color, look no further than the Colorful Collection. The Red Anthurium, Yellow Bromeliad, and Bromeliad Summer each include their own vibrant, long-lasting flowers that will brighten up your home. These eye-catching and easy-going plants will be happy in a bright spot like a sunny eastern windowsill.

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What's Included
  • Three healthy plants pre-potted in Ecopots with matching saucers:
    • SM Red Anthurium
    • SM Yellow Bromeliad
    • SM Bromeliad Summer
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care

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The Colorful Collection is sure to boost your mood with the bright pops of red, pink, and yellow. The Red Anthurium has bold heart-shaped flowers surrounded by large green leaves. The Bromeliad Summer sports a cheery magenta flower with long, thin leaves. Last but not least, the Yellow Bromeliad boasts a sunny yellow flower from the center of its light green foliage. These plants are easy to care for and are sure to brighten up your home.

This trio of plants prefers bright indirect light. The better the light, the longer their flowers can last, and it will encourage the growth of new flowers and bromeliad pups in the future. The Anthurium prefers its soil to dry halfway between watering, while the two Bromeliads like to fully dry out. The center cup of the Bromeliad Yellow should be kept halfway full. Keep the gorgeous leaves of this trio clean by dusting regularly.

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