Sympathy Bundle

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Send a thoughtful, long-lasting message for those experiencing difficult times with the Sympathy Bundle. The Red Prayer Plant and Neon Prayer Plant are a soft reminder that no matter the distance or situation, you’re thinking of them. This pair is easy as far as care goes, so your loved ones can focus their time on self-care. Prayer Plants can be placed in low to indirect light making them ideal for almost any space.

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What's Included
  • Two healthy plants pre-potted in Ecopots with matching saucers:
    • SM Red Prayer Plant
    • MD Neon Prayer Plant
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care


Comfort those who need it most with the colorful yet subtle Red and Neon Prayer Plant. This pair is named for their daily dance of folding their leaves up at night and opening them during the day, giving a gentle reminder of assurance. As Prayer Plants grow, they will gracefully trail and can easily be propagated to share their joy with others.

Prayer Plants are native to the tropics of Brazil. They can live in indirect bright light to low light, but colors will be more pronounced with more light. Keep away from drafty areas as they prefer a consistent humid environment—water when the soil is slightly dry to keep the soil evenly moist.

Please note: This bundle does not include any accessories. 

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