best plants for apartments


Create an indoor jungle: our favorite plants for apartments

No yard? No problem! Create your own indoor jungle with these tips and suggestions for the best plants for apartments.

If you live in an apartment it’s hard not to feel left out in the Spring. Everywhere you look there are beautiful images of lush gardens, colorful flowers, and people enjoying their yards while you are stuck inside with a fire escape pretending to be a patio. That’s probably why more and more city dwellers are bringing the outdoors in by filling their apartments with houseplants. You too can create your own indoor jungle that will transform your apartment into a lush, rejuvenating space by following these tips.

Choose plants for the light you have, not the light you wish you had.

As refreshing as it is to be surrounded by healthy, green houseplants it is equally as depressing to be surrounded by unhealthy ones. So while you might love aloe plants and other succulents, if you don’t have 6 hours of bright sunlight streaming into your apartment, they’re not going to do well. Choose plants that will adapt and thrive in the light that’s available. 

Low-light indoor plants »
Houseplants that like medium light »
Indoor plants for bright light »


Group plants together.

Group several plants of varying sizes together on your table or put a collection of small plants on the window sill in your bathroom. 

Plant combos we love:
Monstera + Cutlass Aglaonema + Bird’s Nest Fern
Sansevieria + Croton Petra + Hedgehog Aloe
ZZ Plant + Dracaena Lemon Lime + Rattlesnake Plant

best plants for apartments


Create a plant shelfie.

Add some vertical interest by installing shelves and placing some vining houseplants and small upright plants next to your books and treasures. The Marble Queen Pothos, Silver Satin Pothos, Bird’s Nest Fern, and Rattlesnake Plant are some of our favorite shelf plants.

best plants for apartments


Go big or go home.

Nothing makes a statement quite like a large, tropical floor plant. Transform an awkward corner with a large, lush plant. If you have a studio layout, add some floor plants behind your couch to define your sitting area. We love the fast-growing Monstera, elegant Bird of Paradise, Silver Bay Aglaonema, and fashionable Fiddle Leaf Fig.

best plants for apartments


Get your plants delivered.

If you want an instant jungle makeover, order your plants for your apartment from Bloomscape! They arrive already potted and you don’t have to figure out how to get a 5 foot tall Palm Tree home on the subway. Learn more »

best plants for apartments