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Invite Spring Into Your Space With These Must-Have Houseplants

With warmer weather right around the corner, it’s time to spruce up our homes for spring. Bringing fresh foliage into your home adds more than just beauty—plants are proven to help clear the air of toxins, improve our moods, and boost productivity and creativity.

With Bloomscape, lush leafiness is just a click away. We ship plants directly from our greenhouse to your door. And if you’re still experiencing chilly temperatures, not to worry! Our plants are shipped surrounded by cozy winter insulation and heat packs to ensure they arrive at your door in pristine condition. If you’re new to plant care or just want to brush up on your skills, read up on our Ultimate Spring Plant Care Guide as you wait for your plants to arrive.

Now, let’s jump into some of our favorite fresh finds!

Bird of Paradise

We always recommend our Bird of Paradise to anyone looking for the ultimate statement plant. Growing tall with wide, fanning leaves, this impressive plant can easily fill an empty corner. It’s happiest with bright indirect light or even direct sunlight. Feel free to shift it outdoors for the summer, where it will thrive in the heat! With enough sunlight and warmth it will produce unique, bird-shaped flowers.

Neon Prayer Plant

With painterly-patterned foliage, the Neon Prayer Plant features a leaf unlike any other—you won’t be able to take your eyes off it! It’s got a semi-trailing growth habit that’s perfect in a pot or a hanging basket. The strong contrast between its neon and dark green colors are perfect for adding a bright splash of color. The Neon Prayer Plant prefers bright indirect light. We recommend placing it in a prominent spot where you will remember to water it regularly and can easily show it off to your friends and family.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Buy Bloomscape Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig

Flaunting perhaps the most ubiquitous leaves of all houseplants, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a must-have for any plant parent looking to add a living piece of art to their home this spring. This fig tree thrives near a bright window out of direct sun, where its fiddle-shaped leaves can soak up lots of light. It grows tall atop a narrow trunk, and with age can branch into dramatic forms. It’s a long-lived plant that will reward you with beauty for years to come.

Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is best known for its tall, feathery fronds that add an instant tropical touch to any room. Ideal for adding height without the visual bulk, this palm is a guaranteed way to freshen up your home for spring. It thrives in bright indirect light, growing new leaves that resemble long spears before they expand into their classic palm frond form. It’s also an adaptable plant that can grace your outdoor space for the summer.

Kimberly Queen Fern

Buy Bloomscape Potted Kimberly Queen Fern

Love the classic look of a fern but wanting something a little different? The Kimberly Queen Fern features kelly green fronds that don’t shed like other fern varieties, and is ideal for hanging baskets and plant hangers. Native to Australia, this adaptable fern looks just as lovely (and will be quite happy) on your balcony during the spring as it does in your dining room during the winter.

Ready to choose your spring VIP (very important plant)? We’d love to see it in your space! Tag us on Instagram (@bloomscape) and follow for more spring inspiration and expert care tips.

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