How to care for your Aralia

While all plants in the Aralia family have roughly the same needs and care requirements, there are some unique things you should know about each individual species.

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What's an Aralia?

Botanical Classification: Araliaceae (family)


Aralias have been popular houseplants for more than a century. They’re easy to grow and are loved for their alluring foliage–the long, narrow, serrated leaves. 

Your Aralia will flourish near a sunny window where it can receive bright to moderate indirect light. This plant is relatively low-care but will appreciate regular watering and misting.

Fun Fact

The leaves of the Threadleaf Aralia bear a resemblance to the leaves of a plant of the, shall we say, psychoactive variety.

Pictured Left: Threadleaf Aralia
plant mom
Don’t be alarmed if your Aralia drops a few leaves while adjusting to its new environment. Aralia plants are sensitive to environment and temperature changes. Give it a few weeks to adjust and it should stop shedding leaves.
- Plant Mom

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