Microfiber Dusting Gloves


Microfiber gloves are an easy, efficient way to keep dust and other debris off of your plants’ leaves, allowing for sunlight to be absorbed more easily for better plant health.


Dusting your plant leaves and foliage is essential to plant health. Make cleaning your plants easy with Microfiber Dusting Gloves, which help remove dirt, dust, allergens, and pet hair to allow better absorption of sunlight for photosynthesis.

Machine washable and reusable, these gloves are an effective way to keep your plants healthy.

To clean plant leaves, support the back of the leaf with one hand while dusting the top of the leaf with the other hand.


  • 1 pair of beige Microfiber gloves (one size)


Please note: This product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.