Fast Growing Duo

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Add some lush, living decor to your space with the Fast Growing Duo. Comprising two quick-growing plants, this collection is perfect if you want to create a cascade of greenery. The Philodendron Heartleaf and Neon Prayer Plant are both hands-off plants that prefer bright indirect light.

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What's Included
  • Two healthy plants pre-potted in Ecopots with matching saucers:
    • SM Philodendron Heartleaf
    • MD Neon Prayer Plant
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care


The Fast Growing Duo is the perfect collection to place on shelves, in hanging baskets, or on top of a dresser or desk. Watch the quick-growing Philodendron Heartleaf and Neon Prayer Plant cascade over their pots and trail down, creating a gorgeous display of greenery. These low-maintenance plants make for a great gift, or to add to your own space for a pop of lush foliage.

This duo of plants prefers bright indirect light in order to grow quickly. They can both adapt to lower light conditions, but their growth may slow. The Neon Prayer Plant prefers frequent watering when the soil volume is 25% dry. The Philodendron Heartleaf on the other hand is more tolerant of dry soil, and should be watered when 50-75% of the soil volume is dry.

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