advice from plant mom: the benefits of having plants in offices


Advice from Plant Mom: The Benefits of Plants in Offices

There are many reasons to have indoor plants in offices.

Besides looking beautiful and creating a more welcoming and gezellig workplace, research shows that there are numerous scientific benefits to having plants in your space as well. Plants have been proven to boost your mood, improve memory, and increase productivity.  Unfortunately, the spaces we seem to spend most of our time and need to be at our best (the office), tend to be lacking in greenery. Here are some reasons and plant recommendations so you can convince your boss to step up the plant game. 

REASON 1:  Plants in offices clean the air and increase productivity

In addition to turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, some air-filtering indoor plants have been reported by NASA to help in remove chemicals from the air. By removing such substances found commonly in walls and carpets of office buildings, people can think and work with a clearer mind.

REASON 2: Plants help reduce stress

Studies have shown indoor plants have stress-reducing qualities such as less tension and anxiety, decreased anger, and a reduction in depression and fatigue. Color psychology suggests that the color green has a relaxing and calming effect, so decorating an office with plants can have similar results.

REASON 3: Plants in offices can absorb sound

By absorbing sounds, plants help to reduce the distracting effects of background office chatter. Reducing background noise helps people focus better and increases productivity. 

Plant Mom’s favorite plants for low to medium light offices:

For offices with ambient light or very little natural light, the Philodendron Brasil, Bird’s Nest Fern, Parlor Palm, and Sansevieria are great low-maintenance plants that will adapt and thrive to low-light conditions.

bloomscape low light plants for offices

Plant Mom’s favorite plants for sunny offices:

For offices with lots of windows and natural light (lucky you!) the Hedgehog Aloe, Croton Petra, Ponytail Palm, and Dracaena Marginata are easy plants that like lots of light.

bloomscape bright light plants for offices

Need help finding the perfect plant for your office?

No matter what your question is or what kind of plant you have, I am here to answer your questions and give you the encouragement you need to be best plant parent you can be. I want to share my love and knowledge of plants with you. So let’s chat about plants!