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Best Plants for the Bedroom: Bloomscape Your Space

Transform Your Bedroom with Plants

Transforming your bedroom into the peaceful, lush, and beautiful sanctuary of your dreams is as easy as adding some well-chosen plants to your decor.

We’ve chosen the best plants for your bedroom, along with tips on transforming your space into a green oasis. Read more to learn how to incorporate plants into your bedroom.

TIP 1: Turn a bare corner into a focal point

Fill up an empty corner with a lush tropical plant, like the Dracaena Open Weave or a Bamboo Palm. You can place your plant directly on the floor in its saucer, or give it some height on a plant stand. 

Transform Your Bedroom with Plants

TIP 2: Add some green to your bedside tables

Put one or two small plants next to your lamp or alarm clock, or fill up an entire shelf. A trailing Philodendron plant or a Red Prayer Plant will leave plenty of room for your phone and current bedtime read. Sansevierias are a great addition to your bedroom as they produce the majority of their oxygen at night, cleaning the air while you snooze.

Transform Your Bedroom with Plants

TIP 3: Add a few statement plants

Turn your bedroom into a true indoor jungle with large statement plants like the Monstera, Staggered Yucca Cane, and a Bamboo Palm. Larger plants create a dramatic effect with minimal effort. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of floor space. The more space taken up by plants, the less room there is for dirty clothes to pile up—at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves.

Transform Your Bedroom with Plants


Don’t stop with your bedroom! We’ve got the best plants for every space.

Whether you live in a dark basement apartment or a sunny studio, are looking to transform your bathroom into a green oasis, or want to add more green to your kitchen, we have the plants perfect for any home.

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