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Our Favorite Plants for Dad

What do you gift the Dad who has it all? Gift cards and greeting cards can get stale—switch up the same old Father’s Day routine this year and give Dad a gift that grows. Whether he’s new to the plant life or already a certified Plant Dad, here are our favorite picks for Father’s Day. And as a bonus, if you order from Bloomscape, they’ll arrive straight from our greenhouse to your house, saving you a shopping trip!


Monstrous in size but not in maintenance, the Monstera plant originates from the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico and is extremely adaptable to indoor conditions. It loves medium to bright indirect light, and doesn’t require any added humidity. Monsteras love to climb, so as they grow, they’ll naturally send out aerial roots that can be trained to climb a moss pole. With age, new leaves develop more and more holes that give it its signature tropical look. This impressive plant is also tolerant of an occasional missed watering, making it ideal for dads on the go.

Carnivorous Plants

For a plant that doubles as a cool conversation piece, gift Dad any type of carnivorous plant. These types of plants attract and capture insect prey, thanks to their cleverly designed traps ranging from pitchers with slippery walls to traps that snap shut around their prey. The insect is then digested and used to fuel more plant growth, meaning carnivorous plants don’t require any fertilization. Simply choose a warm, sunny spot and keep the growing medium consistently watered for these plants to thrive. If you want to give your Dad something he can show off, carnivorous-type plants are the answer.

Bird of Paradise

Make a statement with your Father’s Day gift by choosing the Bird of Paradise. This plant commands attention with its oversized leaves and upright stature. Adaptable to indoors or out, the Bird of Paradise is perfect for Dads who like to spend their summers outdoors. Choose a bright, sunny spot to help this plant thrive, and keep its leaves free of dust and debris with an occasional wipe-down or shower. For plants placed outdoors, be sure to slowly introduce them to more sun day-by-day. Learn more about moving indoor plants outside for the summer.

Tough Stuff Trio

Give the gift of ease with the Tough Stuff Collection, featuring a trio of our most-gifted and lowest-maintenance plants. If your Dad wants some green without all the fuss, this trio, including a Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, and Hoya, will be instantly appreciated. He’ll love that these plants are adaptable to almost any spot in his home and that they can go a long time between watering. Perfectly sized as a desk-or tabletop accent, the distinctive forms of each plant pair well together or can spread out around the house.

Hedgehog Aloe

The upright, spiky leaves of the Hedgehog Aloe make an ideal choice for Dads who want to add a touch of life without adding lots of work. This aloe plant is incredibly low-care, requiring only a sunny spot and an occasional soak. Native to South Africa, this plant is well-adapted to periods of extreme drought and won’t go downhill if Dad gets sidetracked by other priorities. He’ll appreciate the distinctive shape and texture this tough succulent brings to a bright windowsill.

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