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Best Plants For The Living Room

Best Plants for Your Living Room

The living room is where you and your family likely spend the most time, making it the perfect space to transform into an indoor jungle. We’ve selected the best plants for your living room—follow our tips for incorporating them into your space.

Tip 1: Layer different sized plants in overlooked spaces

Best Plants for the Living Room

Add depth, color, and texture to your space by layering plants to create curated vignettes. Smaller plants paired alongside larger pots on the floor will look intentional and can camouflage storage and electrical cords. Don’t be afraid to choose bold and colorful plants like a Dracaena Gold Star or Bromeliad Aechmea Pink, especially if your living room decor is more on the neutral side. 

Plus, plants will thrive when they’re grouped together—being in close quarters creates a humid micro-climate that helps plants thrive.

Pro Tip: Choose plants in a variety of contrasting colors and textures to give your grouping more dimension. Try pairing the bold tropical leaves of the Monstera with the soft, graceful texture of the Ponytail Palm Tree, or create high color contrast with the nearly black leaves of the Burgundy Rubber Tree next to the light, striped leaves of the Spider Plant.

Tip 2: Use statement plants as a focal point

Best Plants for the Living Room

If your living room is large or sparse on furniture, fill the visual gaps with a big statement plant like a Bamboo Palm or Bird of Paradise. If you’re an on-the-go family or more of a hands-off plant parent, a Sansevieria or a ZZ Plant are great low-maintenance options.

Pro Tip: In addition to giving your decor instant impact, investing in a large plant can also be a big timesaver. Plants in big pots tend to be able to go longer between waterings versus plants in small pots, meaning less work for you. If you notice your large plant is drying out faster than usual it might be time for a repot.

Tip 3: Be mindful of kids and pets

It’s important to make sure your indoor jungle is safe for your pets and kids. Choose larger plants your kiddos won’t be able to pick up and play with, like our bestselling braided Money Tree, and keep any prickly plants like cacti out of reach.

Most houseplants are completely non-toxic unless ingested, but if your little ones are curious or your furry friends like to munch, check out our entire collection of pet and kid-friendly plants.

Pro Tip: If you’re pining over a beautiful plant but hesitant about its toxic nature, consider placing the plant high off the ground with one of our plant hangers. For larger plants, consider a sturdy plant stand to elevate your plant out of reach.

Don’t stop with the living room! We’ve got the best plants for every space.

Whether you live in a basement apartment or a sunny studio, are looking to transform your bathroom into a green oasis, or want to add more green to your bedroom, we have the plants perfect for any home.

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