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15 Pet-Friendly Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Dog sniffing Bloomscape pet friendly plants in terracotta pots.

With all the excitement of adding a new fur baby to your family, you may forget to check for plants toxic to pets in your home. It’s common knowledge that some of your beloved plants may not be safe for your new dog or cat, but Bloomscape is here to help.

Common houseplants like the Bird of Paradise, Sansevieria, and trailing Pothos plants can pose safety risks for pets. Toxic plants can cause digestive issues such as mouth irritation, vomiting, and even kidney or liver failure if consumed. Even common decorative botanicals like eucalyptus and lilies can threaten the livelihood of your new pet. For a complete list of toxic plants, visit the ASPCA for their comprehensive list of non-pet-friendly plants.

While you can simply move houseplants that are toxic to pets out of reach when pet-proofing your space, you can also invest in pet-friendly plants that won’t pose a risk to your new puppy or kitten. You can keep these dog-friendly and cat-friendly plants on full display in your home without worrying about an unexpected trip to the vet.

Here are our top picks for pet-friendly houseplants that can peacefully coexist with your new furry family member (even if they do decide to take a bite).

Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Plants

Money Tree

Buy Bloomscape Potted Money Tree

The Money Tree is a favorite of plant and pet owners alike. This storied plant is said to bring positive energy and financial abundance to the owner.

Bamboo Palm

Bloomscape Extra-Large Bamboo Palm potted in Indigo EcoPot

For a classic palm with a tropical twist, meet the Bamboo Palm. This statement non-toxic houseplant won’t pose a risk to your dog or cat and will lend a staycation feel to your home or apartment.

Cat Grass

Buy Bloomscape Edible Garden Potted Cat Grass

Why not invest in plants that your pets can enjoy? Meet cat grass, the herb that serves as a tasty treat for any cat. Place it in a spot where your feline friend can munch on it, and they’ll love you forever.

Pet-Peromia Collection

Buy Bloomscape Potted Pet-Peromia Collection

Comprised of a Peperomia Green, a Peperomia Ruby Glow, and a Peperomia Happy Beans, all three plants in this collection are houseplants safe for cats and dogs. These small plants will make an excellent addition to any windowsill.

Bromeliad Pineapple

Good news: you don’t have to give away your beloved Bromeliad Pineapple when bringing home a new pet. This pet-friendly botanical produces one pineapple fruit per plant. Although this variety is not grown for edible consumption, it’s still safe to have around your pets.

Neon Prayer Plant

Buy Bloomscape Potted Neon Prayer Plant

The Neon Prayer Plant boasts striking patterned green leaves that are an eye-catching addition to any room. Most importantly, these attractive plants are non-toxic to both cats and dogs.

Ponytail Palm

Buy Bloomscape Potted Ponytail Palm

If you’re a frequent traveler in non-COVID times, the Ponytail Palm is for you. This hardy, drought-tolerant plant requires minimal attention and won’t pose a risk to any furry family member who stays behind with the pet-sitter.

Red Prayer Plant

For a slightly more understated prayer plant, opt for the red varietal. Like its neon counterpart, the Red Prayer Plant is beautiful, low maintenance, and safe for your fur babies.

Coconut Palm

Buy Bloomscape Potted Coconut Palm

For a unique tropical plant safe for any pet-filled home, meet the coconut palm. As the name implies, this palm frond grows out of an actual coconut and is a surefire conversation starter.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

For a beautiful flowering tropical plant, consider the Aechmea Pink. This bromeliad boasts distinct light pink blooms that will last six-plus months and won’t pose a health risk to your pets.

Kimberly Queen Fern

This low-maintenance fern will add a splash of green to your space. What’s more, the Kimberly Queen is native to Australia and is more resilient to heat, drought, and direct sun than other fern varieties.

Parlor Palm

The adorable and pet-friendly Parlor Palm is essentially the handheld version of your favorite palm plant. With its lush, full fronds, it’s the perfect addition to any side table, desk, or windowsill.

Painted Desert Collection

Buy Bloomscape Painted Desert Collection

You won’t have to give up your love for Southwestern plants and decor when bringing a new pet into your space. Our Painted Desert collection consists of three unique and pet-friendly cacti: a Lady Finger Cactus, a Fairy Castle Cactus, and a Red Balloon Barrel Cactus.

Peperomia Ginny

Buy Bloomscape Potted Peperomia Ginny

These colorful plants feature unique white, pink, and green leaves and will add a vibrant splash of color to your home. Best of all, this plant is non-toxic to pets.

Winter Solstice Collection

Buy Bloomscape Potted Spearmint Collection

If easy-going succulents are more your speed, meet our Winter Solstice collection. Comprised of a Filiferum, Liliputana, and an Aristata, this trio will upgrade any windowsill or work-from-home desk and won’t pose a risk to your curious puppy or kitten.

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