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How to Recharge This Fall

5 Ways to Recharge this Fall | Bloomscape

After a busy summer, the transition to autumn is the perfect time to recharge, re-evaluate your routines, and refresh your space. Here’s how to make mindful practices, create time for self-care, and enjoy the benefits of incorporating plants into your space.

Make Space For Rest

The key to a relaxing autumnal season is making time to unwind. Without setting an intention to be still and slow down, you’re more likely to continue feeling rundown and tired.

Rest can look different for everyone. It can mean curling up with a good book, streaming a new series, going on a run in the crisp fall air, or even tending to your houseplants or outdoor garden! Whatever your favorite relaxation activity, carve out dedicated time and avoid multi-tasking so that you can soak in every minute.

living room scene with plants on coffee table. a laptop computer is open on the couch.

Refresh Your Space

Adding ultra-lush greenery to your home is the best way to cozy it up while bringing the outdoors in. Try large tree-like plants to up the green factor like a Bamboo Palm, Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Money Tree. Place plants in spaces where you spend the most time, such as your living room or home office.  

Rearrange Your Decor

Switch up any stale energy in your space by rearranging both your furniture and your houseplants. Plants in the kitchen, or on your dinner table? Go for it! Plants hanging in the bathroom? 100% yes. For inspiration, check out our recommendations on the best plants for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

While you’re rearranging, think of some unusual places your plants could live. Placing plants in unexpected areas of your home can create little moments of joy while adding visual interest to your space and reminding you to connect with your surroundings.

Be sure to keep in mind your plant’s lighting preferences when moving them around. You may need to acclimate them to their new spot in order to avoid dropped leaves from a sudden change in lighting or environment.

5 Ways to Recharge this Fall | Bloomscape

Create a Relaxing Plant Care Routine

Caring for plants can help you learn to slow down and be present in the moment. Put on a calming playlist, light a candle, and sip your favorite warm beverage while you water, trim, and fertilize your plant family. Learn how plant care and self-care can be one and the same from the perspective of content producer and plant parent Ricky Dorn featured in our Plant Care Chronicles series.

Plant Care As Self-Care

As you’re establishing your fall plant care routine, make sure your plants are prepped for the upcoming colder months. Fertilize for the last time, trim any old or dead leaves, and repot your plants to a new home if necessary. Check out our Grow-How® Team’s tips for prepping your houseplants for the fall.

Celebrate Self Care With Fresh Finds