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Best Plants for the Kitchen: Bloomscape Your Space

Best Plants for the Kitchen: Bloomscape Your Space

Don’t overlook your kitchen when deciding where to place your new plant. Because kitchens are usually more humid than other areas of your home, your plant will thrive in the extra moisture. Not only will your plant love the humid environment, you’ll love the gezellig feeling lush green plants add to a traditionally not-so-green-space. Follow these tips + tricks to transform your space with our best plants for the kitchen!

Think vertically

In most kitchens, counter space is at a premium. Utilize plant hangers or the tops of your cupboards to keep your counter top free. Trailing plants like the Golden Pothos, Philodendron Brasil, and Red Prayer Plant love to be hung or positioned on a shelf so new growth can cascade and vine freely.

Best Plants for the Kitchen: Bloomscape Your Space

Bigger isn’t always better

Most of us don’t have space for a giant Philodendron Hope Selloum in our kitchen, but adding clusters of smaller plants can have just as big an impact. Group smaller plants together on a window sill. The Pinstripe Plant, Hedgehog Aloe, and Peperomia Watermelon would love the bright indirect light they’ll get sitting on a sill.

Best Plants for the Kitchen: Bloomscape Your Space

Choose humidity-loving plants

Like your bathroom, your kitchen is often a bit more humid than most other rooms of your home. Choose plants that will thrive in the extra humidity, such as the Bird’s Nest Fern and Kimberly Queen Fern.

Don’t stop with the kitchen! We’ve got the best plants for every space.

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