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Gift Guide: Indoor Plant Care Tools + Accessories

Woman placing a plant on a windowsill

If you know someone who is passionate about plants or is struggling to keep them alive, look no further. Give the gift of successful (and fulfilling) plant care!

Essential Indoor Plant Care Tools

There are certain plant care tools that every plant parent needs, no matter their experience level. These tools not only make caring for plants easier but can also help plants thrive. Here is a list of some plant care essentials we recommend.

Gardening Tools

Bloomscape Arch Propagation Kit

From our White Stainless Steel Watering Can to our Arch Propagation Kit, all of our gardening tools are as beautiful as they are functional, and work great for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Not to mention, they all make perfect gifts!

If you’re looking for a bigger gift for that special someone, Bloomscape offers a Complete Gardening Tool Set that includes:

  • Pruning Scissors
  • Hand Trowel
  • Cutting Tool
  • Soil Scoop
  • Plant Pruner
  • Plant Snips

By buying this Tool Set you will be saving 21% compared to buying each item separately. The perfect, thoughtful, and useful gift.

Plant Mister

Our Mossify Mistr is a fully rechargeable and continuous mister that increases humidity without overwatering. Misters are the perfect gift to grab for someone who has mostly tropical and humidity-loving plants such as pothos, ferns, money trees, monsteras, and philodendrons.

Check out our Plant Care Set that includes the Mister, Microfiber Dusting Gloves, and Neem Oil (to treat plants with disease or pest problems). This is the perfect gift set for someone who has a lot of leafy plants such as Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera, Bird of Paradise, and more.

Watering Can

The most important tool indoor plant parents need is a watering can. Bloomscape has a few different watering can options to choose from—all of which are beautiful enough to display on a shelf or in the open.

Bloomscape plants in home office with chair in front of desk

Perfect Houseplant Accessories

Having a lot of houseplants is super fun and many people make plants a major part of their home’s decor. If you have a plant lover on your shopping list then check out our accessories and decor shop.

Wooden Plant Stand

Wooden Plant Stands not only look great and display plants beautifully, but they can also help the plant receive more light. If a plant currently lives on the ground then it might not be getting as much light from your windows as it prefers. With a plant stand, you are getting the plant closer to the window and improving the amount of natural light it can soak up every day.

Hanging Accessories

Any plant lover in your life will never say no to an indoor plant hanging accessory. Indoor plant hangers help get houseplants closer to natural light by hanging around windows. They can also double as design elements to bring extra interest to your space. Here at Bloomscape, we have a few different plant hanging options, offering something for everyone, including:

  • Hanging Saucer (perfect for multiple small plants)
  • Loop Wall Hanger
  • Macrame Plant Hangers

Propagation Stations

Buy Bloomscape Multi Tube Propagation Kit

Propagation is a beloved hobby many plant parents take very seriously. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes messy and visually unappealing. But at Bloomscape, we’re turning propagation kits into aesthetically pleasing design elements that your special someone would actually want to display. Don’t believe us? Check out how beautiful our Arch Propagation Kit and Multi Tube Propagation Kits are. These handcrafted kits come with everything your recipient will need to multiply their plants.

No matter who is on your gift list, Bloomscape carries care accessories that they will love. From plant care tools to decorative accessories, every plant parent in your life will be thankful to receive these essentials. The best part: with Bloomscape’s plant delivery service you can get all of these items delivered directly to your front door, along with a plant or two!