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How Houseplants + Green Spaces Promote Self-Care

Did you know that indoor plants and flowers are proven to improve the well-being of a home’s residents? That’s right! Our little green buddies are helping to increase our quality of life. Outdoor green spaces are also highly beneficial to a person’s overall health and well-being.

Many studies have shown an association between houseplants for mood, health, and happiness.

Indoor Plants For Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, plants and green spaces help in countless ways, including:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving focus
  • Decreasing depression symptoms

It’s true! Studies have proven that green spaces and plants help relieve some symptoms of anxiety disorders. And those who live in more lush, plant-heavy areas are less likely to develop anxiety disorders in the first place. Houseplants that create ‘green views’ are constructive for reducing the average person’s stress levels.

Greenery and plants are proven to help a person feel more relaxed, comfortable, and soothed. The more interaction a person has with plants, the less strain they feel when completing mental tasks. This is why so many people who work from home in large cities benefit significantly by adding houseplants to their space.

When indulging in self-care using houseplants for mood, make sure you are using the real deal. The plastic stuff does not quite do the trick. In a recent study, students’ brain scans showed them to be more attentive in a room with real plants than faux plants or photos of plants.

Health Benefits Of Houseplants + Green Spaces

Beyond mental health, there are also proven physical health benefits of houseplants and green spaces. Residents who have gardens, indoor plants, and those who live in a plant-friendly neighborhoods are typically healthier. 

Plant-heavy neighborhoods are shown to have significantly fewer residents suffering from cardiovascular disease and improved diastolic blood pressure. Researchers calculate that residents of plant-friendly communities live an average of 7 years longer.

Plants can significantly improve the quality of the air in our offices and homes. This was confirmed by a NASA study that concluded plants did help to improve the air quality of a sealed spacecraft. While many of us don’t live in metal tubes, these plants are still highly beneficial for improving the air quality of our space by releasing oxygen and absorbing air toxins. Some of the most effective air-purifying plants include:

Neighborhoods with many natural green spaces also encourage people to spend more time outdoors, typically leading them to lead more active lifestyles. This also contributes significantly to improving peoples’ overall physical and mental health.

Plants Improve Focus + Productivity

Plants and natural elements help boost a person’s happiness in all sorts of ways. As mentioned above, using houseplants for mood can decrease feelings of anxiety and stress. But plants are also known to improve focus, productivity, job satisfaction, and job commitment. 

A study of 440 Amazon employees concluded that the greenery and plants in the workspace boosted the employees’ overall happiness and commitment to the job. This change in a worker’s mindset could be due to the levels of CO2 in the workplace. Oxygen created by indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide, allowing employees to focus and think more clearly. 

Indoor plants help us get a breath of fresh air, literally. Some of the best plants to keep at your desk or workspace include:

Plants Help Accelerate Healing

Many clinics in England understand the health benefits of houseplants and have begun to prescribe houseplants to help patients. They prescribe indoor plants for mental health and physical health, helping patients feel some relief from their symptoms. Horticultural therapy is becoming increasingly popular and includes working with indoor plants, gardening, and spending time outdoors.

A study conducted in 2002 also found that hospital visitor healing times could be affected by plants. Patients in recovery rooms that faced a green space had shorter hospital stays than those who did not. They believe this happens due to plants being able to significantly reduce and ease stress and anxiety.

Health benefits of houseplants and hospital plants have been studied quite heavily and the findings revealed that plants helped patients:

  • Tolerate more pain
  • Feel less unwell
  • Use 30% fewer painkillers
  • Experience 10% shorter hospital stays

Indulge In Self-Care + Get Your Plants Delivered

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