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3 Plants That Will Bring Luck Into Your Life

As you likely already know, plants can really spruce up your space and add a new level of gorgeous decor to your home. They help to create a welcoming and cozy environment, which can positively affect your mood. But did you know that some plants are thought to bring luck and good fortune into your life? If you are hoping for 2023 to be your lucky year, here are 3 plants that can help bring forth some luck in your life.

Burgundy Rubber Tree

The robust and dramatic Burgundy Rubber Tree offers a moody color palette and easily makes a statement in any space. Not only does it offer a beautiful, eye-catching decorpiece, but it also represents wealth, abundance, and happiness. Bringing this low maintenance plant into your home can come with some positive luck into your life.

This plant is native to the rainforests of India and South America. To care for the Burgundy Rubber Tree, provide it with bright indirect sunlight like near a sunny east window. Given enough light, ample humidity, and with mindful watering, it will thrive in your home and can grow to an average of 6-8 feet tall. That’s a whole lot of luck!

Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is another great example of a stunning plant that happens to bring some lucky energy into your life. This charming, trailing plant looks lovely cascading down a shelf or windowsill. It has variegated heart-shaped leaves and is believed to attract wealth and prosperity, minimize negative energy, and reduce anxiety. 

The Epipremnum genus, which includes pothos, is native to the tropical Solomon Islands. These plants can grow huge leaves if given something to climb on and are found in the wild growing on trees. Pothos can adapt from lower lighting to indirect light. Water when the soil is mostly dry. Pothos are simple to propagate through cuttings, so you can share the luck with your friends and family.

Money Tree Braid

The Money Tree Braid (and any other money tree for that matter) is one of the most popular symbols of luck in the plant community. This plant offers an intricately braided trunk that sports bright green, palm-like leaves. This tropical charmer is believed to bring forth positive energy, good luck, and prosperity. 

With a native range from Mexico to northern South America, the Money Tree is also very popular in Taiwan and other East Asian countries. This charming plant is easy to care for and can be placed in a variety of lighting, from low to indirect bright light. Water when the soil volume is half dry and keep the gorgeous leaves looking their best with regular dusting. Buy this one for a friend or keep the luck all to yourself!

Lucky You!

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