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Callisia Care

Easy-going and low maintenance, Callisia plants are fast-growing vining plants perfect for shelves and hangers.

How to care for your Callisia

Use these instructions to care for a Callisia. This guide will tell you how to water a Callisia; its light, temperature, humidity preferences and any additional care it might need to help it grow.

Callisia Pink Panther


Place your Callisia Pink Panther in indirect bright light, which will help maintain its distinctive coloring. It can tolerate direct light in the morning or late afternoon, but the harsh midday sun can burn its leaves.


Water when the soil volume is 50% dry. Water thoroughly until you see it flow out of the drainage hole. Discard any excess water in the dish to discourage root rot.


Your Callisia does well in average household humidity. However, if the air is very dry it will appreciate the occasional humidity boost.


Callisia prefers indoor temperatures between 60-85°F.


Feed monthly in the spring through fall with a general-purpose indoor plant fertilizer diluted to half strength. Before applying fertilizer in any form, make sure the soil is damp. No fertilizer is needed in the winter when growth naturally slows.


This plant is toxic to humans and pets if ingested.


The stems of this plant naturally trail, but pinching them back encourages branching and keeps the plant compact and full. To do this, simply cut through the stem between two leaves. Avoid getting the leaves wet, which can cause spotting or discoloration. If you notice the bold, striped coloration is fading, move the plant to an area with brighter indirect light.

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What's a Callisia?

Botanical Classification: Callisia repens 'Pink Panther'


Callisia plants are native to a wide range of places, from Texas through Central America, the Caribbean, and much of South America. This plant grows in a tropical climate where it must endure a dry season. This means the plant is well-equipped to overcome an irregular watering schedule, making it perfect for busy or forgetful plant parents! Keep it in bright indirect light and prune the stems back regularly with a pair of plant snips to maintain its bushy, compact growth habit.

Fun Fact

This plant has succulent-like vines that help it store water!

Pictured Left: Callisia Pink Panther

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