How to Care for a Torch Cactus

How to Care for a Torch Cactus

Use these instructions to care for a torch cactus. this guide will tell you how to water your torch cactus, its light, temperature, and humidity preferences; and any additional care your plant might need to help it grow.


Your Torch Cactus needs as much sunlight as it can possibly get through the early spring and into late Fall. Turn it frequently so a new section faces the light or it will begin to lean. It can handle indirect sunlight, but will not thrive as it will in full sun. Make sure to acclimate if moving outside into the direct sunlight. In the winter, if possible, move it to a cooler spot with less light so it can go dormant and rest.


Water your Torch Cactus deeply and allow to slightly dry between waterings in the spring and summer time. Always water near the base of the plant and try to keep the column of the plant dry. They will not tolerate wet soggy soil or roots. Make sure to empty the saucer of all standing water. During the late fall and winter, you can go 4 weeks without watering your cactus.


This plant requires no additional humidity.


Your Torch Cactus prefers temperatures between 60-80 degrees.


Before applying any type of plant food, make sure the soil is already damp-never apply to dry soil. Your Candelabra Cactus requires fertilizer once in the spring and once in the summer. Apply an all-purpose, liquid plant food diluted to half strength. Do not fertilize your Prickly Pear in the fall or winter when plant growth naturally slows.


During the hottest, summer months, your Torch Cactus will appreciate the extra sunlight it gets if you are able to put it outside on a terrace.


Moderately toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.