Collections Repotting Kit (6″ Pots)

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Are your plants root-bound and ready for more space? Keep your Bloomscape collection happy and growing by repotting them with the help of the Collections Repotting Kit. This kit includes three 6” round Ecopots and one 8-quart bag of our premium potting soil. Your collection will be showing thanks with new growth in no time.

This repotting kit is perfect for sizing up your Extra-Small Collection Bloomscape plants.

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What's Included
  • Three 6″ Round Ecopots
  • One 8 quart bag of potting soil


Are your plants running out of room in their pots and in need of more space? Let’s repot your collection with our Collections Repotting Kit. This kit comes with three 6” round Ecopots and one 8-quart bag of our premium potting soil, perfect for repotting your three extra-small Bloomscape plants.

It is important to repot your plant when it is outgrowing its space to promote continued growth and root health. How can you tell if your plant is root-bound and in need of a larger pot? Check for roots growing out of the drainage hole or water rushing through during watering sessions. You can also gently take your plant out of the pot to see if the roots are encircling the pot and tightly wound. Be sure to check out the Grow-How Team’s guide to repotting.

This kit is sure to keep your plant happy and growing!


  • Three 6″ Round Ecopots
    • Pot Size: Diameter: 6.3”, Height: 5”
    • Saucer: Diameter: 6”
    • Pot Weight: 0.95 lbs
  • One 8 quart bag of potting soil

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