Plant Care Essentials Kit


If you are looking for a meaningful and useful gift for the plant person in your life, look no further than our Plant Care Essentials Kit. This kit includes 3 essential care products that will promote fast growth, healthy leaves, and strong, resilient roots. The Protect Spray, Grow Concentrate and Enrich Powder are not only simple to use but are full of beneficial microbes, fungi and enzymes that will quickly boost any plant care routine.


Whether it’s time to stock up on the essentials or give a thoughtful gift to your favorite plant lover, the Plant Care Essentials Kit has everything you need to keep your houseplants happier and healthier!

The Protect Spray is a pet-safe formula that combines Neem Oil with a specialist microbial blend to provide broad-spectrum protection & remedy of the environmental stressors that make plants struggle.

The Grow Concentrate is a highly active and safe plant food, designed for fast absorption. Packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for fast growth and healthy plants. It is suitable throughout the whole year and safe for pets!

The Enrich Powder includes beneficial fungi made by earthworms. Over time it will spring to action to enrich the soil and build stronger, more resilient roots. Your houseplants will enjoy improved nutrition and less abiotic stress.

We suggest always following the directions on the packaging for use.

About We the Wild:

We the Wild is an incredible company that is committed to giving back to nature and helping to rebuild the natural environment. For every product purchased, they plant a tree to rebuild some of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. Their products are made in Australia from completely traceable ingredients sourced from environmentally-friendly local businesses. We at Bloomscape are excited and proud to partner with We the Wild.


  • Grow Concentrate – 8 fl oz
  • Enrich Powder – 14 oz
  • Protect Spray – 17 fl oz

Please note: This product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.