Propagation Starter Set

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Propagate with style and confidence with thoughtfully designed propagation vases and helpful rooting hormone. Ideal for any plant parent looking to grow their plant collection by propagation, our Propagation Starter Set will help you expand your plant family and make watching your cuttings grow easier than ever.

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What's Included
  • Large KINTO Vase
  • Small KINTO Vase
  • Rooting Hormone


Grow your plant family with our Propagation Starter Set, which includes two KINTO vases and a tub of rooting hormone.

Handcrafted in Japan to celebrate the beauty of freshly sprouted leaves and roots, the KINTO Propagation Vases make taking care of new cuttings easy and beautiful. Composed of two parts—a plate and a vase— this work of art is perfectly shaped for newly propagated plants, including bulbs, herbs, and even large seeds. The bowl-like plate inserts in the neck of the vase and supports growing leaves, which are sustained by the water contained below.

TakeRoot® Rooting Hormone promotes healthy root development by providing Indole-3-Butyric Acid, a hormone that helps roots grow and thrive.

How to propagate using this set:

  • Using sterilized shears, cut the stem or vine below a leaf node at an angle. Make sure the cutting is at least a few inches long and includes one node and few leaves. This will not harm your plant! Your plant will respond by sending out new shoots at the cut site.
  • Dip the cutting into the rooting hormone and gently tap off excess. Always follow the directions on the bottle.
  • Place the cutting in fresh, clean water in your KINTO vase and set the vase in a spot with bright indirect sunlight
  • Change the water weekly or as needed to keep it fresh.
  • Be patient! Root development can take a few weeks or longer. Soon enough… voila! You now have a new plant friend. For more detailed instructions, check out our how-to guide on propagation.

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