Round Trellis


Put the luscious leaves of your trailing plant on display with this dazzling handmade Round Trellis. From monsteras to hoyas, pothos, and more, turn your plant into a show-stopper with this 12” copper wire trellis. Shorter plants can be trained as they grow, but longer plants can simply be wrapped around the wire right away. This makes for a great gift for any plant enthusiast in your life.

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It’s time to show off your trailing plants with this gorgeous 12” Round Trellis. This handmade trellis is crafted of 100% bare copper wire and is easily bendable to fit any size pot. It gracefully flaunts any vining plant, such as hoyas, pothos, philodendrons, and monsteras. Plus, giving vining plants something to climb promotes larger leaf growth. Smaller, shorter plants can be trained around the trellis as they grow, but larger, more established plants can be wrapped around it instantly. Use plant velcro, twine, or garden ties to help train your plant if needed (not included). Simply insert the ends of this round trellis into the soil, bending them slightly if needed, and you have created an adorable way to show off your plant.

Due to the nature of the copper wire, some discoloring is normal after time and there will be slight variances in shape and size. If you’d like to keep your trellis shiny, it can easily be polished using a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar/water. Dip a towel in the mixture and sprinkle with some salt. The copper will polish up in no time! All trellises will be freshly polished before shipping.

About Copper & Needle LLC:

Copper & Needle LLC was created by Anna Glover. During her discovery of her love for plants, she began to design and create copper trellises, plant hangers, and other plant accessories to display her personal collection. She began to share her creations and her passion for plants with friends, family, and local Facebook groups. She eventually started an Etsy shop and she is continuously designing unique ways to display plants. Bloomscape is excited to share Anna’s passion for plants and sell her products.


  • Dimensions: 12”
  • Materials: 100% bare copper wire
  • Handmade


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