Tough Stuff Collection

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Three easy and adaptable plants, including a Sansevieria, ZZ Plant, and Hoya variety

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What's Included
  • Three healthy plants pre-potted with premium soil.
    • Plant size: ranging from 5″–12″ tall (including pot)
      • Hoya
      • Sansevieria
      • ZZ Plant
  • Three Ecopots and saucers
    • Pot Size: 4.375 ” in diameter, 3.75” tall
    • Saucer Size: 4.1875” in diameter
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care


Whether you’re starting your plant family or adding to it, these hand-selected easy plants are perfect for less-than-ideal conditions. Each of these three plants is incredibly easy, will adapt to nearly any available light, and are extremely forgiving. Their easy-going nature makes them perfect for office spaces, dorm rooms, and beginners.

The Sansevieria with its upright, variegated leaves complements the sturdy layered dark green leaves of the ZZ Plant. While the trailing nature of the Hoya with its bright, tear-shaped leaves adds some movement to the collection.

These plants will adapt to nearly all light conditions, require very little water, and will thrive on their own.

Please note: the exact variety of Hoya plant may vary.

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