How to care for your Hoya Plant

Use these instructions to care for a Hoya Plant. This guide will tell you how to water your Hoya, its light, temperature, and humidity preferences; and any additional care your plant might need to help it grow.

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What's a Hoya?

Botanical Classification: Apocynaceae Hoya


One of the easiest indoor houseplants to care for, Hoya plants are slow-growing vining plants native to tropical and subtropical Asia. They are also known as Wax plants due to their thick and shiny foliage.  

As a Hoya plant, it produces clusters of sweet-smelling star-shaped flowers. Hoyas ares non-toxic to humans and pets. They love bright indirect light and make a great, care-free houseplant. 

Pictured Left: Variegated Hoya
plant mom
Hoyas can go quite a while between waterings. You’ll know they need a drink when the leaves feel thin and may start to wrinkle slightly.
- Plant Mom
Happy Trails Collection

Happy Trails Collection

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Very easy, perfect for beginners, Medium to bright indirect light

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