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For Fashion Influencers Christy & Shelcy, Plants Are a Respite From Busy NYC

Welcome to The Plant Care Chronicles — a monthly series dedicated to breaking down individual plant care routines and exploring plant care as a form of self-care. We truly believe in the healing powers of plants, and want to shed a light on their many mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits. This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with sisters Shelcy and Christy Joseph, the fashion influencers and creatives behind @nycxclothes

Sisters Shelcy and Christy Joseph live the kind of New York City life that most people only dream of. The duo moved from Haiti to the city in 2010 and started their fashion and lifestyle blog, @nycxclothes, in 2014. Six short years later, they now work full-time as content creators, freelance writers, event planners, and consultants for brands like brands like COS, shopbop, Net-a-Porter and Kate Spade. They even started their own event series and networking group called NYCxClothes and Friends

Needless to say, they have impeccable taste. And if their Brooklyn studio is any indication, plants are a part of their carefully-curated aesthetic. “We work with greenery as often as possible,” says Shelcy. “Florals make for such great props, and plants add freshness and vibrancy to any photo.” The two have around 15 plants peppered throughout the light-filled space, including a Monstera, Philodendrons, Bird of Paradise, Rubber Tree, Snake Plant, Majestic Palm, and a Fig Tree

To keep their plant babies fresh for any potential content creation, Shelcy and Christy spend around two hours per week watering, repotting, spraying, pruning, and fertilizing their plants.

“I find it therapeutic to take care of plants; I’ve always been into gardening,” adds Christy. “Watching them grow every day under our care brings a special kind of joy.” As for tools, the duo keeps it simple with a watering can, spray bottle, and some fresh soil.

Work aside, Shelcy and Christy view their “urban jungle” as a welcome pause from chaotic city life. “Plants are an integral part of our studio,” explains Shelcy. “They’ve turned our place into a mini oasis, which keeps the space feeling fresh and seems to help the air circulate.” 

Christy finds that “their presence makes the space feel more calm and meditative,” she adds. “I always think of the studio as a respite from the hustle and bustle of New York, and the plants are a big part of the setup. I love the openness of the space, our different plant babies, and the soothing feeling I get when walking inside.” 

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