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Plant Life Series: An Airy Bohemian Desert Home

Plant Life Series: An Airy Bohemian Desert Home

At Bloomscape, we’re here to help you strengthen your relationship with plants—it’s all part of our mission to bring gezellig to the world. And we love seeing how real-life families live with plants in their home. In our Plant Life Series, we’ll be taking a peek inside inspiring, plant-loving homes from around the country.

Kamille Magette, an interior stylist living in Arizona invites us into her gorgeous and airy bohemian home. We love her light-filled space filled with colors, patterns, textures, and of course, plants.

Tell us a little about yourself and who you share your home with.

I share my home with my very sweet husband who has learned to love pink and plants and never questions my ever changing moods when it comes to home decor. I have four children—three daughters and one son. Right now we have a full house. My oldest daughter and her two adorable kitties moved home a few months ago. That puts our cat count up to four!

Tell us about your home.

We live in a stucco home that has some beautiful architectural details. We have lived here for four years and we currently rent our home, but are planning on buying a home this year. It has been a good time for us to rent as our family dynamic has changed so much and it’s given me time to really think about what we want in our next home. We have owned two homes before, one of which we built from the ground up. My wish list has changed quite a bit over the years.

colorful bohemian home, bohemian style bedroom

What inspires you and how does your home reflect that?

Growing up, my mom always had vintage and heirloom items in our home. It was just normal to know this is from Great Grampa or another relative—Everything we had somehow seemed more special and personal. I learned at an early age that vintage items were cool. My home is definitely a mix. I love vintage and thrift finds but I also love new. My decor is always changing. I have this compulsion to move things around and create new spaces. Justina Blakeney designer, artist, and creator of the Jungalow is definitely my biggest design influence. Her creative use of colors and textures and use of plants has played such a huge roll in how I decorate.

What’s your favorite room and why?

I would have to say our living room is my favorite space. It is the space we hang out and the majority of my plants live there. It’s a very large room which makes it a bit of a challenge to decorate but I have found that it’s also great because hey, more room for plants…big ones…I’m always on the hunt for another giant Bird of Paradise.

colorful bohemian home, bohemian style living room

How many houseplants do you have?

This is a pretty fun question because it got me counting them! I have 50 plants and probably will have up to 55 by the time this is up. I go shopping for plants a few times a week. Sometimes it is because I am on the hunt for a particular plant or because I want one for a specific space. It could also be just because plant shopping makes me happy.

colorful bohemian home, bohemian style plants

Why do you like having plants in your home?

I love having plants in my home because they are living! I love having something to nurture and watch grow! I love choosing different shapes and sizes for the design element they bring,  They are also so good for improving the air quality as well as the humidity inside the home. Many of them filter the air and reduce carbon dioxide levels. They reduce the airborne dust levels inside the home and actually help keep the temperature down, When you live in the desert these are all amazing benefits to having plants in the home!

What’s your favorite plant and why?

I have favorite plants for different reasons. Some plants I love because they require little attention, like the Snake Plant and the Rubber Tree. I love Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees because they are high maintenance and when they grow a new leaf I feel like I’ve done something amazing! I love Pothos and their beautiful hanging vines. I also love the Bird of Paradise—I have four of them! And last, but not least, the Monstera because its just beautiful and it is always growing, So obviously you see I don’t actually have a favorite, I love them all for different reasons, I could go on and on!

colorful bohemian home, bohemian style plants

What tips do you have for living with plants?

My best tip is to care for each plant on a plant-by-plant basis! No plant is the same. Learn about each plant that you bring home. Make sure the plant is healthy and bug-free, as not to cause problems with the plants you already have. Find out which kind of light they like and how often they like to be watered. In most cases, your plant will tell you by looking a little droopy. That is a great time to water and by the next day, they will be looking happy again. But also don’t forget to water them! Like I said all plants don’t require the same watering schedule. With most plants, you want to let them dry out completely and water thoroughly until water runs out the bottom.

colorful bohemian home, bohemian style plants