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Plant + Wine Pairings to Kick Off Summer

Add Some Color to Summer with 7 Plant and Wine Pairings Brought to You by Bloomscape and Bright Cellars

What do plants, wine, and people have in common? They all thrive in the sun! What better time to enjoy beautifully hued outdoor plants with your favorite wine.

As you enjoy your patio garden bloom throughout the summer, pour yourself a glass of yet-to-be-released wine, courtesy of our friends from Bright Cellars.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink + Dreamlet Sweet White

Add a pop of pink to your backyard with the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink. With eccentric tiger-striped leaves, this Bromeliad looks straight out of a dream (or maybe even a Dr. Seuss book).

Pair this funky plant with our Dreamlet Sweet White — a mind-bending wine with flavors of ripe stone fruits like apricot and peach, alongside floral notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle.

Red Geranium + Folk & Fable Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel

With luscious red flowers that never seem to disappoint, we’ve paired the long-time classic geranium with one of Bright Cellar’s flagship wines.

A crowd-favorite like Folk & Fable, Geranium Super Moon Red enjoys bright sunlight and may even attract pollinators, such as bees and hummingbirds, to your garden! Blooming early in the spring, geraniums get better with age, much like the Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel.

The Folk & Fable Zinfandel spends three months aging in Bourbon barrels, picking up notes of stewed fruits, toasted caramel, and vanilla.

Red and Yellow Dahlia + Gladiolus Riesling 2020

There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by lively, colorful outdoor flowers and foliage with a great bottle of wine. Pair our fiery Dahlias with a Gladiolus Riesling, and you’ve got major sunset vibes.

Native to Mexico, Dahlia Dalaya Fireball thrive in warm temperatures and bright sunlight, making them perfect for a sunny porch or patio. As a bonus, Dahlias also may attract pollinators like butterflies to your garden.

Meanwhile, the sweet and unassuming Gladiolus Riesling is beautifully balanced by bright acidity. One sip brings hints of tangerine, lime, and peach flavors alongside aromatic, floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. Cue the sunshine!

Yellow Begonias + Sprig and Rose Dry White 2020

With bright flowers resembling roses, the Yellow Begonias are light and bursting with color. Sporting delicate petals and adaptable to both shaded and sunny environments, the Yellow Begonias are a great choice for adding color to your patio garden.

Paired with the Sprig and Rose Dry White, this wine is crisp, dry, and overflowing with fruit flavors. It brings the yellow coloring of the Yellow Begonia alive with fruit flavors like lemon, apple, stone fruit, and a hint of tropical melon.

Monstera + Watchkeeper Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Originating from the rainforests of southern Mexico, the Monstera is a fan favorite among plant parents. With its leaves showcasing ribbons and uniquely shaped fenestrations, Monsteras climb and vine if given the space to grow.

We have a running theory that Sauv Blanc people are also plant people. Why’s that? If you love a good Sauvignon Blanc, you appreciate the green streak that accompanies each sip.

Fresh and fruity, the Watchkeeper White will leave you wanting another sip. In true Sauv Blanc fashion, this Yolo County white wine shows flavors of citrus, pineapple, and a hint of fresh green herbs.

Sansevieria Sayuri + Silverscape Syrah

Understated with soft light green leaves that appear almost cream and silver, the Sansevieria Sayuri is the perfect accent for a flowering outdoor garden. Hardy and adaptable to a wide range of environments, this Sanseveria pairs well with the Silverscape Syrah.

The dark, rich Syrah is the perfect warm welcome. Inviting notes of blackberry, black currant, and plum draw you in, alongside savory black pepper and baking spices from an oak influence.

Purple Petunias + Obscura Zinfandel 2016

Purple Petunia Potted Bloom Kit and Obscura Zinfandel 2016 wine

Feel like royalty with Petunia Night Sky and Obscura Zinfadel.

An eye-catching flowering plant with deep purple blooms speckled with white, this vividly colored petunia variety is perfect for a sunny porch or patio. Heat and drought-tolerant, petunias are the perfect addition to build color into your outdoor garden. The violet petals remind us of the full-bodied yet versatile Obscura Zinfandel.

If you guessed notes of boysenberry, you’d be right. The Zinfandel from California’s Lodi region is full of ripe, jammy berry flavors like boysenberry, raspberry, and strawberry. With spicy black pepper notes and a hint of oak, this wine pairs with anything straight off the grill. Backyard BBQ, anyone?

Curate Your Garden and Grab a Glass

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