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4 Ways That Houseplants Can Help Fight Winter Blues

If you live in an area of the world that has a distinct winter season, this blog is for you. Many people experience winter blues as the seasons shift and the daylight hours decrease, especially since we are spending more and more time indoors due to colder temperatures. 

To help combat these winter blues, many people find that beautifying their indoor space with plants can create an oasis of calm that helps improve their mood over the winter months. This Grow-How® blog explores 4 benefits that plants can bring to your life in winter, especially if you’re vulnerable to mood shifts at this time of year.

How Plants Help Improve Symptoms of Winter Blues

They connect us with nature

Being outside and in nature can help to improve your mental well-being, but this isn’t always an easy option in the winter time. Cold days, winter storms, or early sunsets can make it more difficult to explore the outdoors at this time of year. 

Houseplants can help bring nature indoors to you. Being around houseplants in your home can give you a sense of being surrounded by nature. Not only can this benefit your mood but it can also provide anticipation for what life will be like when spring arrives again and the world outside begins to blossom.

They purify the air

Plants can improve the quality of the air in your home. This was confirmed by a NASA study that concluded plants did help to improve the air quality of a sealed spacecraft. While many of us don’t live in metal tubes, these plants are still beneficial for improving the air quality of our space by releasing oxygen and absorbing air toxins. 

These toxins can negatively affect our health, so removing them from the air can make us breathe easier. For many people, breathing easier helps encourage a better night’s sleep, which can break the cycle of exhaustion and fatigue that’s so common in the wintertime.

They create a calming and inviting space

Being surrounded by plants creates a calm and welcoming environment, which can help to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety. Greenery and plants are proven to help a person feel more relaxed, comfortable, and soothed. When you are less likely to get out of the house during these colder months, making your space cozy and full of greenery can really help with the winter blues. So try adding lush, living decor to your space and see how it helps to improve your mood this winter.

They act as a hobby and an outlet for self-care

Houseplants not only look beautiful in our homes but give us something to do when we are indoors more frequently this time of year. Houseplants can be a hobby and a way to indulge in self-care. When we take time to water, trim, fertilize, or admire our plants, we are able to take that time from our busy schedules to simply exist with our plants, clear our heads, and practice mindfulness.

Once you get started in the houseplant world, it can quickly become an exciting hobby. If you become passionate about caring for plants, it can give you something to look forward to when spending more time indoors, and can help to reduce your winter blues.

Best Plants to Add to Your Home This Winter Season 

There are so many ways to grow and improve our mood when owning houseplants,  so what better time to start diving into plant parenthood than now. Check out some of our favorites this winter season. 

Bromeliad Summer

Bring summer indoors this winter with the Bromeliad Summer and its bright and cheery magenta flower. This colorful and low-maintenance air plant is a striking houseplant that adds warmth to your space.

Parlor Palm

The lush Parlor Palm will make your home feel like a tropical oasis, even in the colder months. This adorably compact plant requires minimal care and is quite adaptable, making it great for beginner plant parents.

Bromeliad Pineapple

Even if it’s chilly outside, you can have a pineapple growing in your very own home. The easy-care Bromeliad Pineapple sprouts a fun ornamental pineapple from a whorl of long green leaves. This plant makes for a great conversation starter.

Money Tree Forest

Buy Bloomscape Potted Money Tree Forest

The charming Money Tree Forest looks like a lush, mini forest for your home decor. This low-maintenance beauty is a great way to bring nature indoors this winter with a touch of good fortune and positive energy. 

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