How to care for your aloe

While all plants in the Aloe family have roughly the same needs and care requirements, there are some unique things you should know about each individual species.

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What's an Aloe?

Botanical Classification: Aloe humilis ‘Hedgehog’

Full Description

Hedgehog Aloe is a very forgiving succulent, making it a perfect plant for hectic households or for first-time owners. This plant makes quite an impression with its blue-green leaves and will often produce unique spikes of coral-red flowers in the spring and late summer.

As with most succulents, the Hedgehog Aloe needs very little water and will flourish in a bright, sunny spot in your home. During the summer, take this little gem outside where it will most likely reward you with colorful flowers—you may even spot a hummingbird enjoying the nectar from its blooms! It can also be used to soothe burns and skin irritations just like a regular aloe plant.

Fun Fact

Native to the Arabian Peninsula, Aloe, particularly Aloe Vera has been around for thousands of years widely used for cosmetics and medicinal purposes. 

Pictured Left: Hedgehog Aloe
plant mom
The most common issue with Aloe Plants is root rot, which is caused by overwatering. Water only when the soil is completely dry.
- Plant Mom
Hedgehog Aloe

Hedgehog Aloe

Unique and delightful succulent
very easy, perfect for beginners, bright indirect to full sun

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