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Asparagus Fern Care

The asparagus fern plant is prized for its feathery foliage and is relatively easy to care for indoors. It thrives in indirect light and a slightly humid environment, and regular misting can help revive this hardy plant when it’s looking a little down. Whether on the ground, a desk, or a hanging basket, this is an attractive plant for any home!

How to care for your Asparagus Fern

Use these instructions to care for an Asparagus Fern. This guide will tell you how to water an Asparagus Fern; its light, temperature, humidity preferences and any additional care it might need to help it grow.

Asparagus Fern


This plant grows best in bright indirect light and dappled shade, so be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.


Water when 25% of the soil volume is dry, allowing the water to run out of the drainage hole fully to avoid root rot. If the plant is turning brown or drooping, this is a sign it is not getting enough water.


Asparagus ferns grow best in a humid environment, so regular misting or the use of a pebble tray can help keep the plant green and healthy.


The asparagus fern does best in temperatures from 60–80 °F. 


In the spring and summer, fertilize your fern once a month with an all-purpose plant food diluted to half strength.


This plant and its berries are toxic to both humans and pets.


You can propagate this plant by planting its berries or by separating the plant at its roots to replant.

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What's an Asparagus Fern?

Botanical Classification: Asparagus setaceus


The asparagus fern plant is prized for its feathery foliage and is relatively easy to grow indoors. Its sprawling nature also makes it a popular plant to place in a hanging basket. Its leaves are actually branchlets and can become woody over time as it spreads out into an attractive mound. A happy asparagus fern will eventually grow berries; however, this plant and its fruit are toxic to humans and pets.

Fun Fact

This beautiful, ornamental plant has other common names including asparagus grass and foxtail fern. However, it is not actually a true fern, but a relative of lilies. It is also considered an invasive species in regions such as Hawaii, Florida, and New Zealand.

Pictured Left: Asparagus Fern

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