How to care for your Monstera

While all plants in the Monstera family have roughly the same care, there are some unique things you should know about each individual species. These will help you better understand your plant and build a relationship with it.

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What's a Monstera?

Botanical Classification: Monstera Deliciosa


Monsteras are unique, easygoing houseplants whose dramatic leaves are adorned with dramatic hole formations. Monsteras are vining plants and love to trail over the pot or climb along a stake or trellis. 

They love bright, indirect light, but will be happy under fluorescent lights as well. Monsteras are climbers, so as they grow, they will want to vine out. These impressive plants are also tolerant of the occasional missed watering, making them ideal for inexperienced plant parents.

Fun Fact

Monstera plants are known for their distinctive leaf patterns. The slits and holes in Monstera leaves are called fenestrations.

Pictured Left: Monstera
plant mom
Monstera plants love to climb and vine. Don’t be afraid to add support with a moss pole or dowel to keep your Monstera upright.
- Plant Mom

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