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Strobilanthes Care

Strobilanthes are oftentimes grown for their showy, colorful flowers, with many species showing off uniquely colored and textured leaves as well. These tropical beauties will be happy in a warm, sunny spot in your home.

How to care for your Strobilanthes

Use these instructions to care for a Strobilanthes. This guide will tell you how to water a Strobilanthes; its light, temperature, humidity preferences and any additional care it might need to help it grow.

Dragon's Tongue


Your Dragon’s Tongue prefers bright indirect light. It can adapt to lower light, but its purple coloring will fade.


Water your Dragon’s Tongue when 25% of the soil volume is dry. Water slowly, allowing it to soak into the soil until it drips out of the drainage hole. Discard any excess water that accumulates in the saucer.


Your plant prefers higher than average household humidity. Add a pebble tray, group plants to create a humid microclimate, or place a humidifier nearby.


This plant prefers temperatures between 60-80°F. Keep it away from drafty windows and air vents.


Feed once per month in the spring and summer with an all-purpose fertilizer for indoor plants. Do not apply fertilizer to dry soil.


This plant is considered non-toxic and pet-friendly.


Dragon’s Tongue plants benefit from an occasional trim, which will encourage them to stay full and bushy. If you notice the coloration becoming dull, try moving the plant to a spot with brighter, indirect light.

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What's a Strobilanthes?

Botanical Classification: Strobilanthes sinuata


Strobilanthes are native mostly to tropical regions throughout Asia and Madagascar. Many species grow beautiful flowers when grown outdoors and sport uniquely colorful foliage. These plants will be happy in a warm spot with bright indirect sunlight and frequent waterings.

Fun Fact

Strobilanthes flowers can be blue, pink, white, purple, and rarely yellow.

Pictured Left: Dragon's Tongue

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