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Vera by Bloomscape is a care management app for plants that makes tracking as fun as the care itself, so anyone can be a successful plant parent.

Having trouble with the app?

Most issues can be resolved by trying one or more of the following:

  • Please make sure you are using the latest version of the app for the best experience. We frequently update the Vera by Bloomscape app to fix bugs and add new features. 
  • Try restarting your app. Completely close the app by removing it from your recently opened apps on your device, then open the app again.
  • Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the App Store/Google Play Store. This will also ensure that you are using the latest app version available.  NOTE: if you are located outside of the United States, you will not be able to reinstall the app if it is uninstalled from your device.


How often should I water my plants?

When you get a watering reminder in the app, we recommend first checking how dry the soil of your plants is before watering. Every plant has unique watering needs — some prefer to have more dry soil, while others need consistently moist soil. Check out this article from Plant Mom to learn how to properly water indoor houseplants.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

There are a couple of things that can cause your notifications to not show up properly. Please give these troubleshooting steps below a try.

  1. Update your app to the latest version available
  2. Turn off battery-saver mode on your device. Sometimes this mode prevents notifications from showing up until your device is charging or the mode is turned off.
  3. Make sure that notifications for the Vera app are enabled within your device’s settings
  4. Check that all of your plants are marked as watered. If they are not, the notification cycle will not be reset, and you won’t get any new notifications for those plants.
Will you be adding more plants to the database?

Yes! We are always working on adding more plants with care information to our database. If there is a plant that isn’t yet in our database that you’d like to see added, please let us know here.

Please note that it may take a while for us to research and add in your requested plant, and we may not be able to get to all requests at this time.

Is the app available internationally?

Unfortunately, as of November 2020, the Vera app is only available to users located in the United States. This means the app can only be downloaded on the U.S. App Store and Google Play Store.

Users located outside of the U.S. will still be able to use the app if it currently installed, but please note that some functionalities may not work as intended.

Can I set reminders for fertilizing my plants?

Yes! Open up one of your plant’s profiles, go to the Activity Feed, and tap “Change Schedules”. From here you will be able to add a Fertilization Schedule.

How do I delete or edit a plant and its activities?

Navigate to your Plant Collection. You can edit a plant’s information or delete it by selecting the options button (three small dots) next to the plant.

To remove an activity record on your plant, open the plant’s profile, open the Activity Feed, and press and hold on the activity you want to delete.

Is there a limit to how many plants I can add to the app?

Nope! At this time, you can add as many plant profiles and photos as you want. Check out the Bloomscape store if you’re looking to add fully-grown and room-ready plants to your collection!

Can I back up my plants and data?

If your account is linked with your email address, Google, Facebook, or Apple ID, you will have access to your plants no matter what device you log into Vera on.

If you are an anonymous user and did not create an account, your plants will only be available on the device that you created the account on. To link your anonymous account to either Google or Facebook, navigate to your account page and then select which service you would like to link your account to.

Can I share my account with others who are caring for my plants?

There is no functionality to share your account and/or plants with other users at this time, but we are looking into adding this feature in the future!

I can’t use the app with larger accessibility text enabled – help!

At this time the app does not support the use of larger text sizes. This may cause the app to crash or you may be unable to complete the onboarding and setup process. A fix for this is in the works!

In the meantime, you can follow these steps to set your device’s text back to the default size:

For iPhones:

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. Go to “Accessibility”
  3. Select “Display & Text Size”
  4. Turn “Larger Text” off

On most Android devices:

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. Go to “Display” and tap “Advanced”
  3. Select “Font Size”
  4. Adjust the slider back to “Default”
  5. Repeat these steps for “Display Size” if necessary:
  6. Go back to the “Display” Settings
  7. Select “Display Size” and adjust the slider back to “Default”
How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to hear you’d like to delete your account. Please let us know you’d like your account deleted by sending us a message here and we’ll process your request.

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