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6 Luxurious Tropical Plants That Thrive Indoors

You know what they say — if you can’t live in the tropics, bring the tropics to you. Thankfully, there are plenty of potted tropical plants that can thrive in North American homes.

Tropical plants don’t just look pretty and remind you of your next vacation — they are also expert air-purifiers. Rainforests are some of the largest contributors to world oxygen production, and having tropical plants in your home helps remove toxins from the air you breathe.

If you think caring for indoor tropical plants is tricky, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Many tropical plants are relatively low maintenance and can be great for beginning plant owners. Each of our favorite tropical plants has specific care requirements, but don’t fret — we have comprehensive plant care guides for all your plant care needs!

Ready to start curating your indoor jungle? Here are our top tropical plant picks.

Bring the tropics to you with our living room ready tropical houseplants

Money Tree

Buy Bloomscape Potted Money Tree

Money Trees are native to the swamps of Central and South America, but became popularized as a houseplant in Asia. “Money tree” refers to the cultivated potted variety of Pachira aquatica with the braided trunk, viewed as a symbol of prosperity in finance and popular with feng shui practitioners. It is also highly rated as an air-purifying plant!

Bird of Paradise

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Birds of Paradise are often seen as indoor plant royalty, growing upwards of five feet tall. This enchanting plant is native to eastern South Africa, and easily adapts to various light conditions in any type of home. Add a bird of paradise to your home and impress your guests with its banana-shaped leaves and graceful appearance.

Dracaena Marginata 

Buy Bloomscape Potted Dracaena Marginata Open Weave

Commonly known as a dragon tree, Dracaena Marginata are native to Madagascar. This potted variety is cultivated with an open braid weave consisting of 4 canes or stems. Its tall, curvy profile with spiky upright leaves provides a fascinating contrast, and a dragon tree easily fits in narrow areas of your home.


Bloomscape Large Monstera potted in Charcoal Ecopot.

Monstera deliciosa are bold rainforest plants native to Southern Mexico and Central America, and their unique look makes them popular throughout the world. These plants are also known as a swiss cheese plant due to the holes or cuts that occur naturally in its large, fan-shaped leaves. It’s no monster, but Monstera can grow to be quite large as you care for it throughout the years!

Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese Fan Palms are palm trees originating from China and Japan. Extremely hardy, these plants easily tolerate colder environments. It also doesn’t require frequent watering unlike many of the plants on this list. The Chinese palm is a perfect tropical houseplant for beginners looking for hard-to-kill plants!

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Bloomscape Large Burgundy Rubber Tree potted in Stone Ecopot.

Burgundy Rubber Trees are native to South America and its sap is used to make — you guessed it — rubber! In the wild, this plant can grow to be 40 feet tall, but thankfully the houseplant variety only grows to a few feet tall. The rubber tree’s glossy leaves shine in bright sunlight, adding a dramatic element to any house or apartment.

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