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How to Increase the Humidity for Your Houseplants

Increase humidity for plants

Increasing the humidity in your home this winter is key to keeping your houseplants healthy and thriving during the cold, dry months. Plant Mom has put together some of her favorite ways to increase the humidity to keep your houseplants healthy during the winter and throughout the year.

Many of our indoor plants originate from humid jungle environments so moisture in the air is vital to keep your plants lush and healthy. Generally, houseplants prefer 40-60% humidity much higher than most of our homes—especially during the winter when fireplaces and furnaces dry the air out. Therefore, it’s essential that you increase the humidity for your plants. Besides misting your plants regularly, there are several other options to keep your plants (and yourself!) healthy and happy during the winter months.

What are the signs that your plants need higher humidity?

– Leaves develop brown edges
– Plants begin to wilt
– Leaves begin to yellow
– Foliage becomes crispy

How to increase the humidity for your plants:

Mist your plants.

This will raise the humidity around the plant, but the effect is temporary. Never mist plants with hairy leaves, such as African violets, Purple Heart, Stretocarpella to name a few. The “hair” on the leaves holds water in place, encouraging diseases and leaving spots on the foliage.

Increase humidity for plants

Create a microclimate.

Place several plants in a group, creating a pocket of humidity.   If able put a dish of water in the center or a small watering can full of water.

Use pebble trays.

Place a layer of pebbles in the tray, add water until the pebbles are not quite covered and set the plants on top. The pebbles hold the plant above the water so that the roots are not constantly wet.  As the water in the tray evaporates, it increases the moisture in the air around the plant.

Increase humidity for plants

Get a humidifier.

Good for the plants but also good for humans to add extra humidity during the winter period.

Increase humidity for plants

Give them a bath!

Give your plants regular showers or baths during the winter months. Not only do they enjoy the extra moisture, but this will also clean any dust from the foliage where tiny pests like to hide. Remember to use lukewarm water.

Increase humidity for plants

Place plants in more humid rooms.

Areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms all tend to have more humidity naturally.

Increase humidity for plants

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