Travel-Friendly Plants

Plants Made Simple

  • Innovative Shipping

    Our unique packaging technology — made mostly from recycled and/or biodegradable materials — holds your plant securely in place so it arrives safely and without the mess.

  • Quality Plants Guaranteed

    From our tabletop collections to our XL  Money Trees, our fully-grown and potted indoor plants come with a 30-day guarantee.

  • Woman standing next to Bloomscape plants

    Plenty of Guidance

    From detailed care instructions to real-time support, we’re here to make plants easy. Chat with our plant care experts on the Grow-How® Team for help.

As Seen In

"Bloomscape delivers mature, pre-potted, healthy plants to your door with instructions on how to care for them."
"Because they ship in boxes that hold the pot in place, you don't have to worry about your new green babies arriving smushed or spilled."
"Offering up high quality plants is just the beginning..."