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Best Plants for Your Office: Bloomscape Your Space

There are lots of options when it comes to plants for offices. Even if your office has little or no natural light, there are plants that will adapt to and thrive in those less than ideal conditions. Follow these tips + tricks to transform your space with our best plants for your office!

Indoor plants have been scientifically proven to boost your mood, improve memory and concentration, and clean the air. So having houseplants in your office where your brain needs an extra boost makes a lot of sense. Along with their health benefits, indoor plants are a great way to brighten up your less-than-inspiring cubicle or bring some life to your home office. Follow this guide to create an office oasis with easy indoor plants that are good for low light spaces.

utilize shelving and hangers:

Use vertical space on shelves and plant hangers to complement your books and picture frames:
Bird’s Nest Fern: Bright green with lush, wavy leaves
Red Prayer Plant: Patterned leaves with distinctive red striping
Marble Queen Pothos: Vining with shiny leaves flecked with white variegation
Philodendron Heartleaf: Vining with lush, heart-shaped leaves

mix and match your desk plants:

Add some texture and depth to your desk with plants of varying sizes.


Kimberly Queen Fern: Graceful and lush with feather-like leaves
Parlor Palm:
 Tropical and graceful with dark green fronds


Silver Pothos: Luxurious and trailing, with heart-shaped leaves
Spider Plant: Fun and whimsical, with long, curved leaves
Hedgehog Aloe: Unique and delightful succulent (needs a little extra light)

make a statement with floor plants:

Create a true office jungle by placing a couple of floor plants next to your desk.

Sansevieria: Upright and architectural with patterned leaves
ZZ Plant: Unique layered, shiny leaves
Monstera: Lively and wild with large, tropical leaves
Dracaena Open Weave: Fun and delicate, with woven stems and spiky, upright leaves

Don’t stop with the office! We’ve got the best plants for every space.

Whether you live in a dark basement apartment or a sunny studio and are looking to transform your bathroom into a green oasis, or just want to add more green to your bedroom, we have the plants for any space.