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Indoor Plants That Promote Luck, Wealth, And Prosperity This Lunar New Year

The Year of the Rabbit is quickly approaching, with the Lunar New Year occurring on January 22, 2023. There are many traditions associated with the Lunar New Year that focus on luck and prosperity, and gifting auspicious houseplants is one of them. Here are a few indoor plant gifting suggestions to help celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Money Tree

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Money trees symbolize wealth and good fortune, making them the perfect present to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

According to legend, a struggling farmer from Taiwan working in his field came across a Pachira aquatica plant. Recognizing the opportunity, he decided to grow and sell these attractive plants for profit and quickly became abundantly wealthy. The farmer attributed all of his success to the plant, coining it the “Money Tree.”

The money tree has become incredibly popular in North America as a houseplant due to its easy-to-care-for temperament and awesome features:

  • Pet-friendly and non-toxic
  • Thrives under fluorescents (the perfect office plant)
  • Adaptable to a wide range of indoor temperatures
  • Can go long periods between watering

Jade Plant

Similar to the money tree, jade plants symbolize fortune and prosperity, as well as friendship, making them another excellent Lunar New Year gift. 

There is a common saying in some Asian cultures: “Jade by the door, poor no more!” To many people, the jade plant symbolizes luck and wealth. It is believed that the symbolism originated from the fact that the jade plant’s leaves store water, and stored water is analogous to accumulated wealth. The jade plant also represents good Fung Shui as it gives off healthy and positive energy, otherwise known as ‘Chi.’ 

The jade plant’s good fortune can be directed towards specific areas depending on where in a home it is placed:

  • Entry door = prosperity and good fortune
  • East = health and harmony
  • Southeast = wealth and luck
  • West = creativity and luck to children
  • Northwest = luck to teachers

Considered a succulent, the jade plant is also low maintenance. One of the coolest aspects of this durable dude is that it can live for decades in the right conditions, developing interesting forms and getting passed down through generations.


Another Lunar New Year plant that you can’t go wrong with is the anthurium plant. With bold red bracts and shiny heart-shaped leaves, the anthurium symbolizes love and is known to bring good luck to your relationships. It also is known to represent hospitality, protection, and beauty.

In addition to the anthurium’s meaningful symbolism, it makes a great gift for the Lunar New Year because it is easy to care for. Requiring indirect sunlight, moist soil, high humidity, and warmer temperatures, they are a great choice for a bathroom or kitchen if there is enough light. With each flower lasting 2-3 months, this gift means the recipient will always have a beautiful bloom to remind them of their good fortune. Lots of light and warm temperatures will encourage more blooms, while colder temperatures below 60°F may send them into winter dormancy for about six weeks or so.

Bamboo Palm

Bloomscape Bamboo Palm potted in Indigo Ecopot.

Another consideration for Lunar New Year is the bamboo palm. This unique palm represents flexibility and strength in perfect harmony. It’s also considered a lucky plant in many Asian cultures and offers the recipient good health.

The bamboo palm can grow over 7 feet tall and offer excellent Fung Shui, meaning it can aid in creating a healthy and positive energy flow in the home. The plant’s genus name Chamaedorea originates from the Greek words “chamai” and “dorea”, meaning ‘on the ground gift.’

From their Clean Air Study, bamboo palms are on NASA’s list as one of the most effective plants for purifying the air. Able to absorb formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, its large size also allows it to act as a natural humidifier, making bamboo palms ideal for hospitals, schools, and offices.

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