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Why Houseplants Make Great Gifts

Houseplants make wonderful gifts for family, coworkers, friends, and other loved ones in your life. They are both meaningful and long-lasting, but there are so many other reasons why houseplants make great items to gift. Gifting a lush, living present has never been easier with delivery from the greenhouse to their door, and we’d love to show you the many reasons why you should gift green for any occasion.

They Make Beautiful Decor

Houseplants bring a cozy, welcoming element to any home or office. Plants are living decorations that can spruce up any space with their lush foliage. So when you gift a plant, you are also gifting beautiful home decor. Whether your loved one’s aesthetic is minimalist or maximalist, a plant will fit in with their style and make a delightful offering.

They Have Proven Health Benefits

Beyond their beauty, houseplants make excellent gifts because of their known health benefits. These benefits range from improving moods and minimizing stress, to improving air quality. Caring for plants also acts as a way to promote self-care, so by gifting a plant, you are gifting an outlet for your loved one to relax and unwind.

They’re Sustainable

Unlike gadgets, jewelry, clothes, and so many other common gifts, houseplants are everchanging and meant to last a long time. They can grow and transform as they mature, able to be shaped or trained to fit the individual space in which they live. Plants can last a lifetime and be passed down through generations with proper care.

Even if the recipient ends up killing the plant (and let’s hope they don’t), the plant can be composted rather than clogging up our landfills. As an added bonus, Bloomscape’s plants ship fully potted in Ecopots made of 80% recycled plastic and with eco-friendly packaging.

They’re a Unique Gift Idea

Giving the gift of a houseplant is a unique idea that will become a memorable moment for the recipient. From the tropical Bromeliad Pineapple to the zany Ponytail Palm, there are so many distinctive and interesting houseplants you can gift your friends and family. Of course, there is always the classic Sansevieria, but why not surprise your special someone with something more noteworthy like the Bromeliad Summer?

They Carry Meaningful Symbolism

Many plants have symbolic meanings, from prosperity and luck to peace and abundance. You also can create and share your own symbolism between the gift, the recipient, and yourself to make the gift even more meaningful. If you want to send a thoughtful message and aren’t sure where to start, here are a couple of examples of houseplants that have a deeper meaning:

Money Tree

Bloomscape Large Money Tree potted in Stone Ecopot.

The Money Tree is a popular gift in East Asian cultures, promoting abundance. The money tree’s symbolism is based on a legend of a man who was down on his luck and found the tree. He then made a successful business selling the trees and making his fortune. It’s believed this plant will bring positive energy and good luck to its owner.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a beautiful gift for someone in our lives who deserves some tranquility and peace. The white flower is reminiscent of a white flag, symbolizing a truce and making peace. It is also known to symbolize prosperity, purity, and sympathy, making it a perfect heartfelt gift. 


Anthuriums can hold different meanings depending on the color of their flower, but generally, they all encompass the meaning of hospitality. Gift a Red Anthurium to symbolize luck, strong relationships, or love. No matter which you choose, this plant will bring an abundance of joy to the recipient. 

Stand Out as the Best Gift Giver

After understanding the many ways that plants make the best gifts, you’ve got all the information you need to stand out as the best gift giver. You’ll be gifting something thoughtful, practical, and stylish all at the same time.

If you ever need help selecting a plant to gift, check out The Grow-How® Guide to Green Gifting.