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The Grow-How® Guide to Green Gifting

Plant gifts are both unique and thoughtful, but picking out the perfect plant for your loved one can be a little overwhelming. There are many things to consider when gifting a living plant and that’s why the Grow-How® Team has you covered with our Guide to Green Gifting. Read on for three things to consider when gifting green this year.

Consider Their Lifestyle

Perhaps your loved one is often gone traveling for work, or maybe they work from home. Think about if they have anything taking center stage in their life such as a pet or if they often have free time to dive into projects. Some plants are a bit needier than others, so understanding the recipient’s lifestyle can help you select the perfect green gift.

If they are always on the go

Is your friend or loved one always on the go? Make sure to pick a plant that needs infrequent watering and less maintenance. Try a no-fuss plant like the Whale Fin Sansevieria

If they love to pick up new hobbies

Are they home often or love diving into new hobbies? Feel free to pick something that requires more attention. A plant that needs more frequent watering or desires a humidity boost is great when the recipient has more time and dedication. Pick the unique Bromeliad Guzmania Yellow for a more hands-on yet easy care experience.

If they are a pet parent

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Does the recipient own pets? Some plants can actually be toxic to pets if ingested, so this is an important factor in selecting the perfect plant for a loved one. Gift a pet-friendly Mini Money Tree if this is the case.

Understand Their Personality and Style

Bold pop of color or simple green foliage? Big statement pieces or minimalist style? Think about which plant would really fit your recipient’s personality and lifestyle. The gift will be even more meaningful if you took the time to find the best suited plant.

If they love bold colors

For the person in your life who loves bright pops of color in their decor and clothing style, give them a plant that reflects this part of their personality. Plants don’t always have to mean solely green foliage, so go for a bold option like the Bromeliad Collection.

If they are more simplistic and minimalist 

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Not everyone prefers colorful decor, so for the friend that likes to keep things understated, try to find a gift that is more minimalistic. A basic splash of green foliage in their space will look stunning. The Philodendron Heartleaf is a great choice. 

If they prefer to make a statement 

If you know your gift recipient goes for decor that is eye-catching and extravagant, gift something that is going to really stand out. Pick something dramatic and bold, like the Burgundy Rubber Tree

Learn about Their Environment

Something that needs to be considered before gifting a plant is the environment it will be in. Lighting plays an important role in plant health, so trying to understand the lighting the plant might receive is a good first step.

Think about the recipient’s space — do they have a large room with a lot of light? Are they in an apartment with limited window space? Have they mentioned wanting a plant for their sunny windowsill? If you know about their lighting, this can help you narrow down options.

Low Light

Low light means areas that receive no direct sunlight. These are places with only fluorescent lighting, a room with only northern facing windows, areas that are set down too far from windows to receive direct light, rooms partially shaded by outdoor trees, or blocked by nearby buildings. If you know your loved one won’t have much light for the plant, try the Low Light Bundle

Bright Indirect

Bright indirect light can be found in places next to an east-facing window or a few feet back from an unobstructed southern or western window. If the southern or western window has something like a sheer curtain, natural shade from a tree or building outside, the plant can be placed a little closer. Most plants thrive in this kind of light. A Parlor Palm is an excellent choice for this type of space.

Direct Light

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Bright, direct light is when your plant gets at least 6+ hours of direct sun a day. You will find this kind of light in unobstructed southern or western windows. It’s important to pick a plant that can handle this kind of light, so try a Prickly Pear Cactus.

Not sure what kind of light they have?

If you are not sure what the lighting is like in their space, do not fret! In this case, the best thing to do is pick a plant that can thrive in a wide range of lighting, such as a Sansevieria.

Now it’s Time to Gift the Perfect Plant

Taking the time to plan a well-thoughtout gift for your loved one will make the present much more sentimental and will create a memorable bond for them with their new plant.

Still need more advice? Learn more about indoor plants and their care needs in our A-Z Plant Care Guide.