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The Best Wedding Gifts Are Green

If you’re on the search for a meaningful wedding gift, look no further than a gift that grows! A special plant gift can serve as a unique way to remember a landmark occasion. With age, plants become stronger and more resilient—just like love! Plus, who wouldn’t adore some fresh greenery to liven up their home? Read on for our favorite wedding-inspired picks.

Tahitian Bridal Veil

Aside from having the perfect wedding-themed moniker, the Tahitian Bridal Veil is a graceful gift choice. Its long stems tumble outwards, making it perfect to display on shelves or in a plant hanger. The glossy green leaves feature deep purple undersides and contrast with purple stems. When grown in bright light, the plant explodes with dainty white blooms resembling a delicate bridal veil, just in time for wedding season!

Aglaonema Silver Bay

For an unbeatable balance of drama and sophistication, ring in wedding season with this oversized Aglaonema Silver Bay. Its large, distinctive leaves feature a matte silver center surrounded by variegated shades of green. Aglaonemas are best known for their extreme tolerance of low-light conditions, so the happy couple will have no problem finding the perfect spot in their home for this beauty.

Stromanthe Triostar

The pretty-in-pink Stromanthe Triostar serves double duty as a houseplant and a piece of living artwork. Displaying a vibrant palette of emerald and cream tones, the underside of the leaves flaunt a dramatic flash of magenta. As a member of the “prayer plant” family, its leaves dance throughout the day as they follow the light. At nighttime, they fold up as if in prayer, giving this plant a sweet sentiment along with its unmistakable beauty.

Money Tree

The Money Tree combines beauty, symbolism, and longevity into one vibrant package. The braided trunk lends an elegant stature and is topped with a mass of bright green leaflets. Widely believed to bring wealth and prosperity to its keepers, the Money Tree makes the perfect symbolic gift. Thanks to its longevity and easy care needs, it’s sure to grow happily alongside the newlyweds for years to come.

The Perfect Plant Accessory

Shopping for a pair of green thumbs who already have it all? We speak from experience when we say plant people can never have too many plant stands! Our Wooden Plant Stand and Plant Stool offer a minimalist style in a sturdy package. Able to house plants from large to small, these popular accents mesh easily with any decor style. From boosting plants toward the light to freeing up floor space, any plant lover will be happy to add these to their collection.

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