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The Best Plant Gifts for the 2021 Holiday Season

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Don’t worry, Bloomscape makes gifting easy. Check out our top gifts for the 2021 holiday season to find the perfect gift.

We all know the stress that accompanies the winter holiday season. Deciding where and how to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays can be difficult on its own, but once you throw in what gifts to give, it can truly be a nightmare!

This year, make gifting simple with plant gift delivery. Send fully-grown, living room-ready plants to anyone coast-to-coast. Select your plants, grab some care tools and accessories, and even send a personalized, printed gift note to go along with their plant. Ready to pick your gifts? Check out our top picks for plant gifts and care accessories below.

Plant Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Mini Money Tree

Send a bit of good luck with the Mini Money Tree. Earning its name from the Feng Shui belief that it will bring positive energy and good luck to the owner, this small tropical plant can bring joy and luck to anyone on your list.

Tabletop Norfolk Pine

Buy Bloomscape Potted Tabletop Norfolk Pine

Spread cheer and celebrate the holiday season with the ever-festive Tabletop Norfolk Pine. As a popular alternative to a traditional cut Christmas tree, the Norfolk Pine is versatile a tropical plant to give beauty for years to come.

Tough Stuff Collection

For those just beginning their plant collection, our Tough Stuff trio is just what they need. With three hard-to-kill plants, including a ZZ plant, a hoya plant, and a sansevieria snake plant, this collection is durable and can help boost any novice gardener’s confidence with plant care.

Money Tree

Bloomscape Large Money Tree potted in Stone Ecopot.

Looking for a statement gift? Our large Money Tree is sure to stand out in any space. Pet-friendly and air-purifying, this tropical beauty is ready to impress with its large star-shaped leaves and uniquely braided trunk.

Wooden Plant Stand

For the interior design and decor enthusiast in your life, pair our mid-century modern Wooden Plant Stand with any large or extra-large Bloomscape plant. Available in two woodgrain colors, this sleek and minimalist design acts as an eye-catching accent piece to elevate their plant collection decor.

Bromeliad Pineapple

The symbol of hospitality and giving, the Bromeliad Pineapple is the ideal gift for someone who deserves a uniquely, quirky gift. With the ability to produce edible pineapple fruit right from their living room, this plant gift is truly unexpected and will delight any gift recipient.

Woven Baskets

If you’re looking for the perfect plant companion, look no further than our new Woven Baskets. Available in both medium and large sizes, these timeless baskets are hand-braided by artisans in Mexico. Pair with any medium or large plant for a stylish look.

Red Prayer Plant

For those who enjoy colorful plants, the Red Prayer Plant has distinct coloring throughout its leaves for a pop of color in any space. Gaining its name from the way the leaves fold in the evening resembling hands folded in prayer, this tropical greenery is a fan favorite among plant enthusiasts.

Essential Repotting Set

Share the gift of plant care with our Essential Repotting Set. This gift set includes everything they’ll need to repot their plants with Grow-How™. Including a potting tarp, garden gloves, soil scoop, and two indoor plant fertilizers, this set makes for a thoughtful gift for any plant lover.

Plant Care Set

Perfect for those new to plant care, the Plant Care Set has what they need to begin a plant care routine to help their plants grow for years to come. With microfiber dusting gloves, an automatic mister, and neem oil, this gift set will set the beginner gardener in your life up for success.

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