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Gift Guide: The Best Plants For Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re shopping for that special someone, your favorite gal pal, or a treat for yourself (because you definitely deserve it), living houseplants are the perfect go-to gift for your Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day celebrations.

Plants from Bloomscape make shopping for the one you love even easier, because they’re delivered directly from our greenhouse to your front door. And if you’re in a cold wintery area, not to worry! Our plants are packed with the coziest winter insulation and heat packs to keep them safe and warm on their journey to you, ensuring they’ll arrive in perfect gift-giving shape.

There’s A Lot To Love About A Living Gift

They’re beautiful: From pretty flowers to lush foliage and bold colors, the beauty of a houseplant can’t be overlooked. Plus, here at Bloomscape, we select unique varieties that you won’t find just anywhere.

They’re thoughtful: Plants boast many health benefits, from boosting mood and productivity to absorbing toxins from the air. On top of those benefits, what better way to celebrate your love story than with a living plant that grows right alongside your relationship?

They’re easy care: Our Valentine’s Day Shop is a curated collection of gift-able plants that are appropriate for any skill level, whether you’re buying for a new plant parent or an experienced green thumb. Your gift of green will also include access to our Grow-How® Team of plant experts for personalized plant care support.

Do we have you convinced a plant can be the most lovable gift of all? Read on for our top five Valentine’s Day picks!

Bromeliad Pineapple

Is there anyone who would not be happy to receive this adorable pineapple plant for Valentine’s Day? We think not! Our Bromeliad Pineapple features strappy green leaves that gracefully frame a miniature ornamental pineapple fruit. As Bloomscape’s top-gifted plant, you can’t go wrong with this tried-and-true beauty. You’ll know this tiny pineapple has reached maturity when it becomes plump and fragrant with a slight yellow tinge. Although this variety is not grown for edible consumption, it’s still a unique gift or addition to any personal collection.

The Bromeliad Pineapple is easy, pet friendly, and suitable for new and experienced plant parents alike. Native to South America, but grown all over the world, each plant flowers only once. The flower turns into a fruit over a long period of time, and the plant will create offshoots, or baby plants, at the base of the mother plant. These offshoots will grow into full sized plants, eventually flowering and producing pineapple fruit of their own. These Bromeliad Pineapple plants are ornamental, so they will not grow as large as an edible commercial pineapple.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

There’s nothing that can quite compare to the gleaming silver leaves and striking pink blooms of this stately bromeliad, making it the perfect token to show your affection. With a uniquely whimsical bloom, the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink showcases silver-green leaves and baby pink flowers that can stay in bloom for over half a year.

Native to Brazil, bromeliads grow on trees as epiphytes, absorbing most of their nutrients through their leaves. Your bromeliad will thrive in a spot with medium to bright indirect sunlight. Watering is easy: the soil only needs a drink when it’s completely dry, and the “vase” in the center of the leaves should be occasionally filled with water.

Red Prayer Plant

Colorful and bold, the patterned leaves of the Red Prayer Plant showcase painterly-like shades of green accented with vibrant red striping. This is the perfect splash of color for windowsills, mantles, and shelves. A favorite among plant enthusiasts, the Prayer Plant gains its name from the way the leaves fold up in the evening, resembling hands folded in prayer.

Native to the rainforests of Brazil, the Red Prayer Plant prefers a bright spot out of direct sunlight. It will be happiest with added humidity, so it’s the perfect choice for a bright kitchen or bathroom. It’s a relatively slow grower which means it can go years before it needs to be repotted.

Red Anthurium

The glossy green leaves and brilliant red blooms of the Red Anthurium make it the perfect present to share your passion. Known to bring good luck to relationships, the bright red bracts of this anthurium can persist on the plant for months. The plant will consistently produce new flowers and will bring a cheerful and tropical vibe to your space.

Originally found in areas of the Andes Mountain range in Columbia and Ecuador, these beauties enjoy a warm sunny spot with bright, indirect light. Not picky about a watering schedule, the Red Anthurium appreciates a deep soak when 50% of the soil volume has dried out.

Mini Money Tree

Believed to bring positive energy and good luck to its keeper, the Mini Money Tree makes a thoughtful and easy-care gift. Featuring a textural canopy atop a stout trunk, the leaves are the perfect shade of green to layer into any decor style. In addition to being non-toxic and pet friendly, the money tree has been said to reduce stress and anxiety.

Native to Mexico and northern parts of South America, the money tree is also very popular in Taiwan and other East Asian countries. It’s the perfect choice for inexperienced plant parents—it can adapt to any level of light within a home and doesn’t mind an occasional missed watering.

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