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5 Reasons Plant Gift Delivery Is Great For Every Occasion

From birthdays to promotions to housewarmings and everything in between, Bloomscape has what you need to send unique, thoughtful gifts.

Houseplants may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gifting, but they’re the perfect way to spread joy — no matter the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, promotion, engagement, or homeownership, plant gift delivery can be the perfect gift for any special event.

Not only can plants be personalized to every lifestyle, but plants also have long-term health benefits from clean air and enhanced concentration to mindfulness and relaxation. When you send a plant gift, you’re sending years of beauty, companionship, and care.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons to consider plant gift delivery for every occasion.

Plant Gift Delivery Is Versatile

Matching everyone’s tastes with the right gift can be overwhelming. Luckily, plant gifts can fit any aesthetic and complement the recipient’s unique personality. Gift the new homeowner an extra-large Bird of Paradise for their living room corner. Send a desk-friendly Hedgehog Aloe to the friend who just received a promotion. Celebrate a birthday with a Money Tree meant to symbolize luck and vitality. No matter the celebration, we have a plant to make it special.

Plants Offer Therapeutic Benefits

Anyone who’s ever felt relaxed when caring for plants can speak to their many therapeutic benefits. Plants encourage routine mindfulness and observation, which can help ease anxiety, depression, and more. What’s more, studies show that plants can clean the air, enhance focus, and lift spirits, especially when you’re stuck at home for months on end.

Plant Gift Delivery Is Thoughtful & Personalized

With a wide range of plant species, sizes, and styles to choose from, sending a plant can feel just as personal as any other gift. There’s a plant for every lifestyle — from the city dweller who has limited space and needs extra-small plants to the animal lover who needs pet-friendly botanicals. Choose a specific type, pot color, and care difficulty level to suit everyone on your gift list.

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Plants Provide Companionship

Plant care can also help people establish a routine and support healthy mental wellbeing, which can be especially helpful for the elderly or those struggling with anxiety or depression. Additionally, watching plants grow over time and nurturing a new life provides a sense of companionship, similar to a pet —without the additional work. This can be particularly helpful for those who have recently suffered a loss.

Plant Gift Delivery is Affordable & Low-Maintenance

On the giving end, plant gift delivery is easy, affordable, and doesn’t require any wrapping or complex shipping issues on your part. Plant gifts last far longer than flower bouquets and can feel more heartfelt and personalized to the gift receiver. Pick the plant, size, and pot color for your gift — and don’t forget to add a custom gift message at checkout.

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