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The Best Housewarming Gifts for Plant Lovers

Woman holding a Bloomscape box outside of an open doorway

We may be biased, but nothing says “welcome home” like a beautiful potted plant. Objectively speaking, plants make for great housewarming gifts — they’re decorative, thoughtful, long-lasting. Plus, they can double as a fun, rewarding hobby.

And, you can easily tailor your selection to the recipient’s tastes, lifestyle, and skill level. For example, a seasoned plant owner may be ready to take on a Fiddle Leaf Fig, while a Snake Plant is perfect for a new plant parent. A homebody may have plenty of time to tend to a temperamental calathea, while a globe-trotter will appreciate the self-sufficiency of cacti and succulents.

Whether your loved one just bought their first home or moved into a brand-new apartment, congratulations are certainly in order! Below are our picks for a few of the best housewarming gifts for every plant lover in your life.

Housewarming Gifts for Plant Lovers

Mini Money Tree

Gift your friend good fortune and wealth with a Mini Money Tree. This storied plant is legendary according to feng shui principles and is said to bring its owner abundance and prosperity (plus, it’s really cute).

Tough Stuff Collection

If you’re looking to share your love of houseplants with a beginner, meet our Tough Stuff Collection. This trio was designed for plant novices and features the low-maintenance, impossible-to-kill Hoya, ZZ Plant, and Snake Plant.

Philodendron Heartleaf

When gifting greenery, you simply cannot go wrong with a classic like the Philodendron Heartleaf. This beauty has been a staple in stylish homes for decades and will look right at home in a macrame hanging planter.

Parlor Palm

The styling options are endless with the versatile Parlor Palm — this tabletop plant will add a decorative flourish to any room in the house. It’s a no-brainer gift for anyone settling into their new space.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

For the homeowner with a love of all things laid-back and tropical, consider gifting the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink. This unique beauty boasts vibrant fuschia flowers that last up to six months, and it’s incredibly easy to care for.

Bromeliad Pineapple

Any true plant lover will be fascinated by the Bromeliad Pineapple. This tropical epiphyte will grow an ornamental pineapple, which historically has been a symbol of welcoming and hospitality. Although not grown for edible consumption, your friend will love to show off this unique plant in their new home.

Ponytail Palm

Buy Bloomscape Potted Ponytail Palm

This drought-tolerant, slow-growing plant is perfect for the globe-trotter who rarely spends time at home. The Ponytail Palm is actually a succulent from the Agave family, which explains its laid-back nature.

Red Prayer Plant

The Red Prayer Plant is perfect for the apartment dweller with limited space. It’s slow-growing, compact, and perfect for empty window sills, mantels, or small shelves in need of a splash of color.

E-gift Card

Let your loved one select the perfect plant for their new space with an e-gift card. It will hit the recipient’s inbox within a few hours, so you don’t have to worry about shipping or delivery times.

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