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9 of the Easiest Houseplants That Anyone Can Grow

Are you interested in getting started with indoor plants but aren’t sure where to begin? There are so many easy-care houseplants available that anyone can grow successfully. Read on to learn about 9 easy plants to grow in any space.


Bloomscape: Indoor Cactus Care 101

There are countless cacti that any plant parent, from novice to expert, can successfully care for with minimal effort. This is largely due to the ability of cacti to store excess water, which isn’t possible for the average plant. Cacti have developed this ability in order to survive the harsh desert environments they are accustomed to. Their drought tolerance means you don’t have to stick to a strict watering schedule.

To ensure success with your cactus, choose a pot that includes at least one drainage hole. The most common downfall of indoor-grown cacti is a combination of insufficient light and soil that stays too wet. Most indoor cacti will only need to be watered when the soil has fully dried out, and they prefer to be in a spot with bright, direct sunlight.


Sansevierias, or snake plants, are regarded by many plant parents as one of the best out there. They are easy-care indoor plants that offer you beauty and ask for almost nothing in return. Thanks to their semi-succulent leaves and water-storing rhizomes, snake plants don’t require frequent watering and are adaptable to many different living conditions. Plus, they fit into any space without taking up much room due to their narrow, upright growth habit.

If you have a snake plant, take extra care not to water it too frequently. These plants can go weeks between watering in a typical indoor environment, so they’re perfect for the forgetful plant keeper. If kept in direct sun or outdoors for the summer, they’ll appreciate being watered more frequently, but still only once the soil has fully dried


Gracing Instagram feeds everywhere, the Monstera has become an iconic houseplant on everyone’s wishlist. Luckily, they’re also extremely easy to care for! Monsteras tend to thrive in most indoor environments and can grow very large and beautiful, becoming a piece of art or focal point in a home.

Their soil can dry out about 75% of the way and they won’t make a dramatic statement if you water a few days late. For the fastest growth and largest leaves, place your monstera in bright, indirect light such as near an east or west facing window. We recommend a pair of dusting gloves to keep the show-stopping leaves shiny and clean.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is another easy-to-grow plant due to its adaptability to a wide range of indoor conditions. The ZZ plant easily tolerates low light and doesn’t need much water. In fact, the plant often goes dormant (while staying green) over the winter and should only be watered once every 4-6 weeks or once the soil is fully dry. During periods of active growth in the spring and summer, more frequent watering encourages growth, as does bright, indirect light and warm temperatures.

The ZZ plant can reach 2-3′ tall when fully mature. Its arching upright stems are actually individual leaves that sprout up directly from soil level. If you notice the leaflets are turning yellow, that’s an indication the soil could be staying too wet, so check the soil moisture and refrain from watering until it has completely dried out.


When we’re thinking about beginner plants, we have to mention pothos. A beautiful and tough trailing plant, you can place pothos almost anywhere in your home. This is an amazingly adaptable plant that can take a lot of neglect and continue to look beautiful. It can maintain its shape and color even in a low-lit corner for a surprisingly long time. To encourage your pothos to thrive and grow, place it in a spot with medium or bright indirect light. The more light the pothos plant gets, the more water it should receive.

The trailing stems of pothos are also easily propagated. Just snip off a 4-6″ section, place the cut end in water, and wait for roots to develop! Our propagation starter kit has everything you’ll need.

Ponytail Palm

The beautiful and whimsical desert-dwelling Ponytail Palm is known for its low-fuss nature. This plant is a succulent and stores extra water in its bulb-like trunk, which means it can wait a while between watering. It is great for a new plant parent, but will gracefully standout in a larger collection of plants as well. Its thin, playful leaves atop the unique and sturdy trunk make this plant a real show-stopper.

This spirited plant prefers a spot with bright, direct sunlight but will be happy in bright indirect light as well. It is quite hardy and will add exceptional character to any space.


A popular plant for its low-maintenance and forgiving personality, Aloes are some of the easiest plants to care for. All they ask for is a sunny spot in your home and infrequent waterings. These succulents would love to be moved outdoors in the warmer months if possible, and they will thank you with faster growth and colorful flowers.

The hedgehog aloe offers a distinctive shape and texture, and will be happy in a south or west-facing windowsill. Avoid watering this plant too frequently, as this can quickly lead to root rot. Only water it once the soil has fully dried out.

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plants make an excellent choice for beginners. These striking plants offer distinct patterns on their leaves and a unique daily show for their owners. Their leaves fold up at night, then open during the day, resembling hands in prayer. This dazzling display alongside a beginner-friendly care routine makes this plant the perfect option for newer plant parents.

Prayer plants are native to the rainforests of Brazil, so they are tolerant of low light conditions. They do prefer frequent watering and a boost of humidity, but overall they are still pretty hardy. As they grow, they will gracefully trail and can easily be propagated to share their joy with others.

Money Tree

Bring some luck into your life without much hassle with a Money Tree. Money trees are believed to foster positive energy and bring good luck to their owners, with their low-maintenance being the cherry on top. They show off lush, green leaves atop their sturdy trunk, giving the plant a tropical flair that will radiantly stand out in your space.

Tolerant of low-light situations, Money Trees are a great choice for new or hands-off plant parents thanks to their ability to go long periods between watering. This plant prefers for its soil to dry out at least halfway down before getting another drink. If you want to see faster growth, place this plant in bright indirect light and watch it thrive.

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